Brenda P

Brenda walked into our studio (read - walked into our life) to discuss a portrait session…

I asked her if she knew what boudoir was.

She said she did - but had never considered it before because she thought it was only for ‘beautiful women’ - and that she was ‘too fat’ to do it!

But after talking through it with us - she braved it - and did it…

She committed to a boudoir experience - and now she can see that she is one of those beautiful women.

“You made me feel at home and totally comfortable in my own skin. You made such an impact on me”

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Andrea H

One of the most rewarding parts about my job (among many) is all the amazing women who I get to meet.

More often than not - they open up to me and share their story with me.

I love that everyone has a different 'story' to tell.

And I love that a boudoir session is so powerful that it can create a happy ending to these unfortunate experiences.

So. Meet Andrea . . .

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Louise B

Here is a living example that you can have beautiful photos at any stage of your life.

I rarely get to show off my boudoir work - it is such a personal thing - and I respect that of my clients - BUT - Louise gave me the green light - and has allowed me to show her beauty to the world!

She is being brave like her beautiful daughter - Clara . . .

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