Why should YOU consider a Boudoir Photo Shoot?

The most common response to “why should I consider a boudoir photo shoot” seems to be - “for my hubby” - or fiance - partner - loved one.

It is a wonderful idea - the look on their face when they open the first page of your little black book - priceless!

What better gift could they possibly receive - than their sweetheart - at their very best - frozen in time! <3

But what if you haven’t found Mr. Right (yet)??

You simply do it for YOU!!

Anyone - and everyone - deserves to enjoy this empowering experience.

Everyone needs some ‘me time’ - take a day out of your busy schedule - get pampered - enjoy a FUN photo shoot - a glass (or two) of bubbly!

Then, get that ultimate confidence boost when you look through your pics and say - “WOW! Is that really me??!”

YES! It really is you!

And now that you are all dolled up - looking and feeling - flipping AMAZING - have a girls’ night out!

Better yet - invite the girls to the whole day of pampering - enjoy a natter (chatter) while your feet are soaking - and those bubbly bubbles are going down nicely.

Sounds like the perfect day out - or even a batchelorette party - don’t you think?!

It’s also another excuse to go SHOPPING (like we need an excuse) - a couple of nice new pieces for your photo shoot - and of course - a new outfit for your night out.

A boudoir photo shoot is the perfect way to celebrate yourself!

Is it your birthday? Are you turning 30 - or entering your 40’s - heck, even your 50’s or 60’s - and you can’t believe that you still look THIS GOOD?!

Or maybe your body has totally changed.

You are celebrating weight loss - or weight gain - the hardwork has finally paid off - you feel so proud - and you look and feel your ABSOLUTE BEST!

You’re a mommy - and proud of your scars and stretchmarks.

You are battling an illness - or have totally overcome it - and you are LOVING life - as you live one day at a time!

You are 12 weeks - 12 months - 12 years sober - and it feels so surreal - to come this far!

These are all genuine stories - beauties who have already crossed my path - and shared their experiences with me - filling my eyes with tears - or filling my day with pure joy!

Whatever your reason - even if you don’t have a reason - do it ‘just because’ - just for fun - just for YOU!

Be Pampered.

Be Beautiful.


"I am not beautiful like you…I'm beautiful like me!" - unknown author

Coming up next week . . . need help planning your wedding day timeline?? I've got you covered!

There's lots of boudoir photography options available, all of which can be custom made just for you - check out my packages and pricing here.

with LOVE and a smile - Emma

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