Why should we Exercise?

Exercising is a way of celebrating what my body is capable of!

Going to the gym or swimming or dancing my little heart out in class is not a weight loss thing for me.

But I guess I used to think that was what exercise was for - and that's why I didn't go...

Working out is boring and I don't need to lose weight - so why bother?!


It keeps me healthy and strong.

It gives me more energy.

It gives me 'me' time.

It 'empties' my brain of stress and worries.

It's social - when I have my buddies to workout with.

AND. I've actually found that it is fun - and not boring at all!

I am LOVING my active lifestyle - and I feel absolutely amazing! Not just physically - but mentally as well.

I jump out of bed at 5.30/6am - exited to get a workout in - and a few laps of the pool.

Since I've got into a routine with my fitness - my way of eating has naturally adapted into a healthier one.

I'm still a sugar addict (LOL)

Desserts are my weakness!

My 7 year break from the gym (from regular exercise in general) is officially over!

Boudoir Studio 003.jpg

What fun things do you do to stay active?

Who's tried Pole Dancing? I might try that next!

"Let exercise be your stress relief - not food!"

Unless there's cupcakes (hehe!)

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with LOVE and a smile - Emma

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