What is an UNPLUGGED wedding?

Have you heard of “Uncle Bob”?

Or as my hubby likes to call them - Mosquitos - because they just love to buzz around - and get in the way.

They are the [guest] unpaid ‘photographers’ at every wedding!!

The relative with the fancy camera - hovering over my shoulder - to get every shot.

Or even worse - gets in the shot - as they go for an alternative angle.

Luckily for me - it has only happened a handful of times - but believe me - a handful too many!

I’ve had an aisle full of iPad screens - as the bride walks the aisle with her parents.

I’ve had “Uncle Bob” stand in the middle of the aisle - directly in front of me - to capture the new Mr&Mrs - as they exit the church.

And the absolute icing on the cake - I’ve had a guest walk right in front of my lens - and cover the entire shot - of the bride and groom’s first kiss!

I really didn’t think I needed to put a flag on my head - but I may have to consider it.

People are so oblivious - they are just so focussed on getting THEIR shot - or they just don’t care!

So how do we manage “Uncle Bob”?

Have an unplugged wedding.

No Cameras

No Phones

No iPads

Just your loved ones - being completely present - watching you marry the love of your life.

Truly living these moments - that I (the photographer) am paid to capture.

Wouldn’t it be better to look through your professional pictures - and see your guests tearing up - as they hear your vows?

Instead of pictures of them - taking pictures - or looking at the cameras - replaying the moments that have just happened - and therefore missing the moments that are happening!

An unplugged wedding can easily be announced via invitations or wedding day programs - without singling out “Uncle Bob”

And it is up to you if you decide to do an unplugged wedding for the whole day - or just for the ceremony.

As a photographer - I love the idea of an unplugged wedding - for the reasons mentioned above.

But as a bride - I am honestly not sure if I would choose it or not.

An unplugged wedding was not heard of when I got married - so I had lots of guests take pictures - and fortunately - no “Uncle Bobs”

And knowing that our professional pictures would take a few weeks - I was grateful to see our friends’ pictures posted on Facebook.

Having said that - most photographers these days - myself included - post sneaky peaks within a couple of days anyway.

So - why not ask your guests to leave their cameras at home - and their phones in their purses - and ask them to REALLY enjoy your day - WITH you - instead?!

There's lots of wedding photography options available, all of which can be custom made just for you - check out my packages and pricing here.

with LOVE and a smile - Emma

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