A Wedding Gift (or two) from the Guests!

Dear Guests,

Brides - stay tuned - there’s something for you too.

When you receive a wedding invitation in the mail from a dear friend (or relative) - and there’s no gift registry - your head falls into your hands...

doesn’t it?

What on earth am I going to buy as a wedding gift?!

Keep calm - I have the answers!


It is ok - in this modern day - to give cash as a wedding gift

It used to be thought of as impersonal and thoughtless - but what’s more thoughtful than contributing towards the bride and groom’s future.

House downpayment - home renovations - decorations they actually want (or need) - or their honeymoon!


Rally together with a group of friends - and all chip in for something meaningful or useful - something you probably couldn’t afford on your own.

Barbecue - furniture - weekend away - spa retreat - a puppy!


Allow them to choose their own gift - something they really need or want. Again - it could be something for the house - or a personal treat for themselves.

Canadian Tire - The Bay - their favourite restaurant - their Photographer (so they can get the luxurious album they hoped for - or some extra prints)


Know their style - or color scheme? Find them a beautiful and unique piece of art for their lovely home.


Create something with your own hands - check out Pinterest!

Paint - Photo Frame - Crafty Art - Memories Box - a beautiful card with a beautiful quote.


Add their names and wedding date to your crafty creations - or engrave a wedding gift that you have bought especially for them.


Find out where they plan to spend their first week of married life - and gift them with some spending money for that country.

Ok, Brides - time to tune it!

Have you decided on having no gift registry - but don’t know how to suggest the idea of gifting money?

Here is a cute little poem we used - and put with our invitations (I’ve passed it on to friends too - and they used it instead of a wedding gift registry!)

As you open this invite, we hear you all cry - Oh dear! No gift list - what on earth will I buy?!

Well, we hope you don’t mind if we tell you what’s true,

we already have a kettle - and toaster - good as new!

So your presence on the day is all that we wish -

but if you feel that you must come with a gift,

we are saving our pennies with our future in mind,

and a donation towards that would be very kind! ♥

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with LOVE and a smile - Emma

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