A wedding ALBUM - experience your day - over and over again!

A wedding album - why is it a great investment?

Since my hubby and I got married - seven years ago - we have looked at our wedding album once a year - at least!

Sometimes we look through it together.

Sometimes I reminisce alone.

Today - knowing that I wanted to share my thoughts on wedding albums - but before writing a single word - I retrieved our wedding album from the closet.

It was still encased in its cardboard box - and inside that box - a leather presentation box - containing our beautiful acrylic 12x12 wedding album.

Opening up those boxes - again - reminded me of how EXCITED we were when our wedding album arrived - and we got to see it for the first time.

I get just as excited - everytime I open the boxes!

And I get just as excited when my clients’ albums arrive.

Excited to see my work put on to pages - in layouts that I have designed myself.

Excited to see the look on my clients’ faces - when they see THEIR wedding album for the first time - and see THEIR favourite images put together in a beautiful way.

Experienced Edmonton Photographer - specializing in wedding photography, engagement photography, boudoir photography, portrait photography - wedding album
Experienced Edmonton Photographer - specializing in wedding photography, engagement photography, boudoir photography, portrait photography - wedding album

(wedding albums are available in various covers including acrylic and leatherette )

A wedding album is a story book - arranging the images together over several pages - to tell a story! It gives narrative.

One image - as stunning and memorable as it may be - is just a glimpse - just one moment from the entire day.

A wedding album is an artistic way to focus on the highlights of your big day.

Rather than wading through 800 plus images on your computer - which, lets be honest - is overwhelming - and the images can begin to look ‘dull’ even though they are not - it is better to experience your favourite day by looking through pages and collages of your favourite images.

Not only is it something for the two of you to look through - time and time again - re-living the best day of your life - but it is a much easier - and more enjoyable way - to share memories with your family and friends.

Some of your closest relatives (Grandma, perhaps) may have even missed your big day - so this is the perfect way for them to see you - as if they hadn’t missed it at all!

(wedding albums are available in various sizes - 6 inch, 8 inch, 10 inch and 12 inch square - and all albums are presented in a leatherette box)

When I took out our wedding album to look at - again - I took it into the living room and sat with my hubby.

As soon as he saw our wedding album in my hands - the tv went on pause - and we looked through it together.

We experienced our day again.

We talked about what everyone was wearing - and how young we all looked.

We read my sister’s reading - which brought back the emotions of when she read it to us.

We laughed at the photo of my bridesmaids helping me remove flies from my dress - and Ian told me something that he hadn’t mentioned to me before.

When he saw me for the first time that day as I walked towards him up the aisle - he saw my beautiful smile - and my beautiful dress - and then saw a bunch of flies buzzing around the upper layers of my dress!!

It made him smile at the time - and it made us laugh today!

I asked him what he loved about our wedding album...

He loves that we can re-live our day - over and over again - and experience it just as we did back then.

And if we didn’t have our wedding album - he probably wouldn’t have looked at our pictures at all since our wedding day.

I tend to agree.

I like that we have a disc of all the images - but a disc of images is like having a roll of negatives (from the film days) - they are great to have - so you can print your favourite for your living room feature wall - but it’s not the best way to view your pictures.

And like everything else - over time - things become obsolete - discs will be a thing of the past too - some new computers are already coming out without disc drives!

At least with a wedding album - it will be accessible forever.

(each spread has a lay-flat design - meaning that there is no centre crease in the album and therefore the design can spread across two pages with a flawless finish)

Our wedding album will be going on display in our new house - it won’t be protected by its boxes anymore - but it will be there - for everyone to look through - and feel like they were there too.

We invested a lot of money into our photographer - our photos - it would be a shame for them to be hidden away for years - away from everyone.

I have always loved looking at my parents’ wedding photo - yes, just one photo - my mom wore a green floral dress which I’m pretty sure she still has - and daddy had hair which he definitely does not have anymore - and that is it.

As lovely as it is to have this photo - this one photo does not allow you to ‘experience’ their day - but if this one photo had been accompanied by other photos from that day - in a wedding album - we would have been able to experience their day.

A wedding album is timeless - it is still - without a doubt - the best way to preserve your memories!

(the pages are of extremely good quality and of great thickness - providing a sturdy design that will last a lifetime with no tears or creases)

“A picture is worth a thousand words, but a memory is priceless” - unknown author

A wedding Album can be added to your package at any time - before your wedding day - once you've received your images - or even two years down the line!

If you would like to invest in a wedding album - I would be more than happy to discuss your needs - you cancontact me here!

There's lots of wedding photography options available, all of which can be custom made just for you - check out my packages and pricing here.

with LOVE and a smile - Emma

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