Try BEFORE You Buy!!

Let’s do the ‘try before you buy’ thing!

Have you ever been in the perfume store - spritzing and spraying all these different scents - and before you know it - they’ve all blended together - and you still don’t know what you want?!

You walk out empty handed - overwhelmed by the amount of choice - forgetting what the first perfume had to offer - and which one you were drawn to the most!

But, then - every now and again - you get stores handing out samples!

A sigh of relief!

Now you get to go home - spritz away for a good couple of weeks - and decide if that scent is for you - or not.

And if you ARE in love with it - you go back - and purchase the largest bottle they have

Try before you buy!

Now - I am not going to say whether I would or I wouldn’t condone this one - but it’s cheeky - and blooming brilliant!

Have you ever gone crazy with your credit cards in the shoe shop - for your upcoming photo shoot - only to return the handful of beauties - AFTER!

I personally have not done this - as I own way too many pairs (if my hubby asks though - there’s ALWAYS room for more!)

But I may know a few who have - Sssh!

They just wanted to really make sure - and it turns out - they just didn’t quite fit right.

*You’ve got to make sure the shoe fits!

And sometimes - there’s a success story!

[kind of] try before you buy

So - how would you like to be able to sample a Photographer - a photo shoot?

Try BEFORE you buy!

Book an engagement shoot - at NO COST!

Hang out with me

Get to know me

And let me get to know you

See how well we work together

See how perfect you look in the pictures

All you have to do is commit to a 20-30 minute photo shoot with me.

It really is that simple.

We would spend that much time - if not longer - sat discussing your wedding - while drinking tea (or coffee)

How about we do your ‘initial consultation’ - and chat about your big day - while walking in a park - and snapping a few pictures?!

At no cost!

The only investment would be - your time.

And if you do decide to book me for your wedding - after an evening stroll - you will receive unlimited images from this ‘Try before you buy’ shoot instead of just a handful.

What are you waiting for?

There really is nothing to lose - other than half an hour - I guess - but I’m pretty sure you’ll be wishing for longer - we’ll be having that much fun!

You can learn more by emailing here -

I look forward to hearing from you very soon!

“When someone else’s happiness is your happiness - that is LOVE.” - Lana Del Mar

There's lots of wedding photography options available, all of which can be custom made just for you - check out my packages and pricing here.

with LOVE and a smile - Emma

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