Think it. DO it!

Thinking out loud! 

This morning - I woke suddenly from my sleep. 

My dream was basically an episode of the Walking Dead - abandoned buildings and deserted towns that I would move on from - leaving those that I just met, behind. - leaving in my Mini Cooper that climbed stairs and packed up into my pocket when I had no need to drive. 

I ended up stood with my mom and dad - in an office full of women who gathered and listened intently to my daddy as he raved about my achievements - and the model wine bar I’d made at school. 

But there was another man in the room too - and he was stood inappropriately close to me. I didn’t know this man, but yet he had his arm weighing down across my shoulders. I felt uncomfortable. 

And then, without warning - his hand was on my neck - and I jolted from my dream. 

My entire life, I have had a fear of my neck being touched - even if it is merely meant to be a loving caress. I just can’t bare it - the thought of it is even haunting my sleep. 

Why am I telling you this? 

Because this was my first thought of the day - and I wanted to share it with you. 

I want to share my random thoughts. 

When learning to write blogs - the question arose

“ But what if I run out of things to say? ” 


Every thought we have is a blog post worth writing about - it’s from the heart - and therefore genuine. 

So I thought I’d give it a try…

Are you actually interested in knowing how my brain works - daily - and how random - and scatty my daydreams actually are? 

Let’s see, shall we? 

Instead of curling up into a hole to die - because I lost all our Paris photos - I need to find a way to get back there.

But I’ve been a tourist now - I want to ‘live’ there like a Parisienne ( minus the smoking like a chimney! ) I want to sit shoulder to shoulder with other locals - at French street cafes - drinking tea - and painting - as I people watch - but I want it to be 1926.

How does Carrie Bradshaw always manage to walk the big apple in heels - without pain - well, because it’s a movie set, of course - but that doesn’t stop me wanting to go shopping in my heels

I spend far too much time thinking about what I should wear to go shopping. 

I want to look glamorous - because my life is like a movie ( and I need a theme tune ) - but yet, it’s not practical. 

Why does practical have to ruin my dreams? 

I want to be able to walk around New York City in my heels - and now I am thinking about what else I should pack for my trip with my BFF.

Our trip is in February!!

And hubby and I are planning to drive the West Coast of the States - or maybe we’ll do Italy first - and neither of those are probably even going to happen until 2018 - at the earliest. 

A wonderful friend of mine is taking me to Banff for my birthday - so I need to pack for that. 

My mom and dad - and in-laws - are coming for Christmas - to stay in our new house. 

I’m mentally decorating our new home - the one we haven’t moved into yet - and my mind is already occupied with placing photos on the walls, and how shall I organize my closet. 

I have so many clothes - but yet I need more - and I need to go back to Paris to buy my Chanel brooch - because it will go with everything - and it has to be from THE Chanel on Rue Cambon. 

I think about fashion - TOO MUCH!

I think about travelling the World - A LOT!

I think about how much I love my hubby - I love to watch his smile as he sleeps. And I think about how I still like him - love him - find him oh so attractive - thirteen years down the road. 

I think about holding his hand in Paris - Italy - New York - on the beach - on a bench. 

I am 80 - and he is 83. 

I think about modelling for other photographers - and how we can make our next shoot - EPIC! And how lovely - and beautiful - it makes me feel.

I think about Boudoir Shoots so often - and I would love for everyone to experience something so beautiful - at least once in their life. 

Of course I think about shoots - and how I can get my next client - because it’s my job - my business - and how I pay the bills. 

But honestly - genuinely - I want every woman to do this! 

And not just to pay my bills - although that helps - but to see how truly amazing - and life changing - such a simple thing is. 

I think about winning the lottery - and should probably ‘play’ - and I think about the endless possibilities that money would bring. 

There are a million and one things I could do - would love to do - and without a doubt - I would continue to shoot. 

Photography is my passion - and I would want to continue to help women find - and build - their confidence - through the power of Boudoir. 

I think about working with foster teens - and women from abused homes - but anyone really - anyone who needs a confidence boost. 

And if I didn’t have to think about money - and I wish I didn’t - I would donate my time to you beauties - all of you. 

As much as I would love to do that for all of you - I have decided I can do it for one of you.

What’s the catch? 

You have to come to my Party - June 16 - 6:30pm - The Photography Studio - and enter your name into the draw. 

As well - you will have the chance to win other amazing things - from other wonderful vendors! 

So... Welcome to my erratic brain. Did you keep up? 

Or do you think I’m a little crazy! 

I guess I am - but I like to call it Passion!

“ Be a fruit loop, in a world of Cheerios” - author unknown

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with LOVE and a smile - Emma

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