They are just EXCUSES!

They are just EXCUSES!!

They ARE just excuses!

Yesterday was a pretty productive day…

I finished up a boudoir edit - and burned the images to a beautiful personalized disc.

The Client Appreciation Party got re-organized due to the change in location - and I think it’s going to be even better now!

Oh - and I started working on my first BOOK!! 

Everything got checked off my schedule for that day - so before I logged off - I decided to upgrade my computer (it has been prompting me for a while now - so I gave in)!


My computer is now FRIED!!

It is currently being resuscitated by the Geek Squad - and it’s going to take a WHOLE week!

ONE WEEK?? But I have work to do - a lot of work!!

Hmmm - but another week off sounds nice!!

NO - here I am - the very next day - logged on to hubby’s laptop - figuring out how to get my editing software on here without having to pay for another key-code.

I am determined to carry on my week as I intended to - as much as I would like to curl up in a ball - and forget that this is happening.

I have to throw myself back into work - and figure this out - otherwise I will cry!

And stomp my feet - and throw myself to the floor - like a two year old!!

Why did I leave my vacation pictures on my desktop - instead of saving them to my external hard drive - like I do with all my client images??

They are going to try to recover my folder of France - but they can’t promise!!

Despite this tragic occurrence - I continued with my evening - and wasn’t letting anything get in the way of my first run in SIX years!

Back in April - my friend (C) and I had decided to start getting back into shape - I was actually pretty excited at the idea.

So much so - that even though we had planned for Friday - when my hubby said he was off for a run (on Tuesday) - I asked to come along - but could I find my runners??!

I was frustrated that something was getting in the way of my plans - but I refused to go buy new runners - because I knew they were around somewhere.

I broke the news to C - and we made a new plan - we will run of June 3rd - because by that time - I will have started packing for our move - and I WILL find those runners!!

June 1st - I found my runners!! 

Our June 3rd run is ON!

So - when my computer died on me and it took up most of my evening - and then 8.30 rolled around and C told me she was half asleep on the couch -


Get your a** up and let’s go - we are doing this - and we did!

I felt as fried as my computer - my legs were like jelly - but I had actually managed to do more than I thought possible - and I’m going again!

This run helped me deal with my stress - and in a way - I was able to forget about it.

Yesterday could have gone a totally different way - had I let this awful situation get to me.

But instead - I refused to let it get me down - and get in my way.

I am soooo sad that I may have lost my holiday pics - and it’s sickening that I won’t know for another week - but worrying isn’t going to give me the answer - or bring them back - so I have to just carry on.

Lesson learnt though - NOTHING is to stay on my computer.

It was laziness - and forgetfulness - that has potentially cost me my pictures.

I spent the night - after my run - researching online data storage - this is definitely my next step!

And a new computer!!

Got to think of the positives!

So - when you keep delaying your boudoir shoot - because you are just not feeling it - or you’ve had a bad day - week - year - just think about it for a second.

These are just excuses - and believe me - like my run - a shoot like this will totally turn your day around.

A boudoir shoot will lift your spirits - fill you with confidence and smiles - and temporarily make you forget your worries - better yet - it will put them into perspective - so you don’t need to worry anymore.

“Embrace the glorious mess that you are!” - Elizabeth Gilbert

PS - I just found this quote - and it really made me smile - I hope it does for you too.

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with LOVE and a smile - Emma

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