Here is an AWESOME list - to help you find the perfect GIFT!!

At 33 years young (and six days - already!!!), I was expecting to go out for a few drinks with my friends - shopping with hubby - and a ‘family’ dinner with our Canadian family.


I wasn’t expecting prezzies!

Well, maybe from my hubby, hehe!

But not from my friends - my ‘family’ - or even my mommy (because I have told her several times that she really doesn’t have to - but she wants to - and I can’t say no to that).

I have received such beautiful gifts this year - my antique tea set is now complete - I have brand new (bright white) converse - and plenty of nail polish colours to get me through the seasons!

Thank you so much - I LOVE them all!

But what I find even better than receiving presents ( as much as I truly appreciate them all ) - is giving them!

And that’s why I love celebrating my birthday at the same time as ‘Grandma’ does ( only days apart ) - because I get to bring a gift to my (our) party!

As hard as it may be (sometimes) - I love choosing a gift unique to that person - I love putting thought into it and picking out something special.

And I’ve come to realize that “special” doesn’t even have to be anything ‘special’.

For example, last year, I was struggling to decide what to buy a friend - even though I had been told that she really wanted a gift card.

I always used to think that gift cards were a cop-out - a cheat gift - but actually - if that is what she wants - then it is a special gift - because she will LOVE it!

Like I LOVE the gift cards that I received - because I can now go shopping - and buy exactly what I want - and have fun shopping (because I LOVE shopping) - without feeling guilty for dripping into the ‘new house fund’.

So... here it is - that AWESOME gift list!

A GIFT - from YOU to your lovely (new hubby)

A Boudoir Shoot

Shameless, but of course I have to put this gift first!

As well as many of my clients coming to me for themselves - I get a lot of brides coming to me for their hubbies - and their reaction is always priceless when they open such a gift

Maybe leave the book for him to open when he’s alone - he’ll definitely be excited to see you - and probably eager for that honeymoon!

Scrap Book

Gather all the ticket stubs - greeting cards - photos - souvenirs - reminders of special moments or inside jokes - and stick them altogether in a ‘Chapter One’ book of your life together.

This is the exact gift that I did for my hubby - and he LOVED it! I even got my dad to help me make a box for it.

P.S It took me about a year to make

A watch

Pocket Watch

Hip Flask

Cuff links

These gifts could be engraved to add a little something extra.

Season Tickets

Oilers? Eskimos? Whoever he loves to watch play - treat him to a full season of games - with the gift of a season ticket!

A Bottle and a Cigar

Gift him a bottle of his favourite - accompanied with a cigar ( or enough for his grooms men too) - this will be the perfect way to put his jittery nerves at bay.

Add a little note to tell him how much you are EXCITED to see him - and spritz a little of your favourite perfume on there - and seal it with a kiss.


A gift that you can both enjoy in your home

Get personal - if you can paint or draw - do that!

Get crafty - if he’s a music buff - maybe frame a record of ‘your song’ and put your names and dates on it - or a handmade chess board if he’s into games.

Get Creative.

‘Why I love you’ Box ( or Book )

If you both decided to save your pennies and go small on gifts - this is perfect!

Fill a box with scrolls - of 10 things you LOVE about your hubby!

That simple.

But if you have waaaaay more than 10 (which I’m sure you do) - make a book - and add your fave pics of the two of you together!

A GIFT - for you!

Print this and leave it somewhere - somewhere that he will easily find it - and be sure to take the hint.

Hey, guys need help too - more so, come to think of it!

A Dudoir Shoot

Yup - your new wifey will LOVE this gift!! - and I’m actually trying to get my hubby to do this ( still working on it )

This gift is becoming so popular - I’ve shot a couple of these now - and I’m quite excited to do more !!

It would be great for you too - especially if you are a fitness fanatic - and want to show off your achievements - for her eyes only, mind.




She could wear these gifts on your Wedding day - and many more times after.

A watch

A hip flask

These are not just for boys!

Remember guys - these can be engraved!


A little something she will feel sexy in - but something you want to see her in too - think Wedding night!

Shopping Spree

Perfect for your shopaholic Wifey!

Gift cards - a prepaid credit card - cash, creatively wrapped ( box, photo album, piggy bank).

Spa Day

There’s nothing like the gift of pampering - even better if it’s something you can do together.

Couples Massage - hot tub - sauna - mani’s and pedi’s!


I LOVE YOU = 8 letters = 8 boxes!!

Fill each box with her favorite things - make up - jewellery - gift card to her favourite store - lingerie - perfume - pretty much any of the above...

And leave the best til last!

“It’s not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving.” - Mother Teresa

This gift list ended up bigger than I was expecting!

So - more ideas next week ...

Coming up - Bridesmaids and Groomsmen gifts - AND gifts for the couple on their Wedding day!

Ready to book that Boudoir/Dudoir gift?

or maybe a gift certificate instead?

There's lots of wedding photography options available, all of which can be custom made just for you - check out my packages and pricing here.

with LOVE and a smile - Emma

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