Seven years in the making

Six weeks of planning

Seven models PLUS ME!! 

YES... me!

Few hours in the studio

Two Assistants

Eights weeks on the editing table

And ten minutes of hovering over POST because I was a little nervous

But I still have all my fingernails

Just about!

And for what? 

For ONE image!

the image that hopefully tells a story

And gives a message 

The Naked Truth 

The truth that we are ALL beautiful

in our own way. 

We are all different - but beautiful 

Seven people came together - to help put this picture - this message - together

Seven very different people

ALL with their own stories

Their own difficulties

Some very confident with their bodies

And some trying to overcome their insecurities

Despite their lack of self-confidence - they volunteered for this project

To help others

Even if it is one extra person at a time 

It's ONE.MORE.PERSON that we helped

It saddens me when I hear so many people - hating on themselves

Why do we always compare ourselves to others?

Instead of embracing who we are? 

Who determines what/who is 'Perfect'?

And why do we believe them? 

This project was designed for 8 people

But only 7 showed up 

Without that one extra person - the project was about to fall apart. 

That's where I come in 


I wasn't prepared

but I also didn't want to let this fail - or be half a job  - at best! 

So I made an on the spot decision 

I became model #8. 

I had no makeup on 

My hair was thrown back in a ponytail 

And I had the 'wrong' underwear on - which left lines on my skin 

But I did it anyway.

It doesn't get more 'Naked Truth' that that. 

"Beauty isn't about looking Perfect, it's about celebrating your individuality"

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with LOVE and a smile - Emma

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