Say YES!

With Granyma' recently passing away, it made me think...

did she do everything she dreamed of - that she wanted? 

Did she live life to the fullest?

Am I?

Am I fulfilling every dream?

Are you?

Are you saying Yes to opportunities - even though your stomach is churning - and butterflies are doing somersaults?

Are you saying yes - despite everyone else saying no - to that 'thing' - or to you?!

My hubby and I said YES to moving to Canada - even though it was a long and frustrating process - and people said "it's just a pipe dream"

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A wedding ALBUM - experience your day - over and over again!

A wedding album - why is it a great investment?

Since my hubby and I got married - almost six years ago - we have looked at our wedding album once a year - at least!

Sometimes we look through it together.

Sometimes I reminisce alone.

Today - knowing that I wanted to share my thoughts on wedding albums - but before writing a single word - I retrieved our wedding album from the closet.

It was still encased in its cardboard box - and inside that box - a leather presentation box - containing our beautiful acrylic 12x12 wedding album.

Opening up those boxes - again - reminded me of how EXCITED we were when our wedding album arrived - and we got to see it for the first time.

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