How much for a BOUDOIR Shoot?

Today we get our KEYS! Woohoo!

In three days - we get to move into our forever home!

New home.

New office.

New [outdoor] studio.

No more dull beige walls to stare at when I’m in thinking (ok - distracted) mode - I don’t even have a pot plant to look at!

But it’s ok - because in just a few days - not only will I potentially have a beautiful floral arrangement sat pretty on my shelves - but I will have a whole forest of trees to gaze into - as I ‘work’!

And I’m sure my work motivation will kick in once the novelty of new has gone - and it has sunk in that this is it - our dream has come true!

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Think it. DO it!

Thinking out loud! 

This morning - I woke suddenly from my sleep. 

My dream was basically an episode of the Walking Dead - abandoned buildings and deserted towns that I would move on from - leaving those that I just met, behind. - leaving in my Mini Cooper that climbed stairs and packed up into my pocket when I had no need to drive. 

I ended up stood with my mom and dad - in an office full of women who gathered and listened intently to my daddy as he raved about my achievements - and the model wine bar I’d made at school. 

But there was another man in the room too - and he was stood inappropriately close to me. I didn’t know this man, but yet he had his arm weighing down across my shoulders. I felt uncomfortable. 

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Face YOUR Fears

Face YOUR Fears - like I did!

Twenty-one years ago - I was abandoned up the Eiffel Tower!

And 38 years prior to that - Audrey Hepburn apparently got ‘lost’ up the tower too!

I was shopping for souvenirs - and when I came out of the store with keychain in hand - my school class had gone.

They can’t have gone far - surely?!

But they had.

I searched for them - and found no-one - they had left me.

At twelve years old - I was stood alone - in a foreign country - up the Eiffel Tower!

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They are just EXCUSES!

They are just EXCUSES!!

They ARE just excuses!

Yesterday was a pretty productive day…

I finished up a boudoir edit - and burned the images to a beautiful personalized disc.

The Client Appreciation Party got re-organized due to the change in location - and I think it’s going to be even better now!

Oh - and I started working on my first BOOK!! 

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What is an UNPLUGGED wedding?

What is an UNPLUGGED wedding?

What is an unplugged wedding??

Have you heard of “Uncle Bob”?

Or as my hubby likes to call them - Mosquitos - because they just love to buzz around - and get in the way.

They are the [guest] unpaid ‘photographers’ at every wedding!!

The relative with the fancy camera - hovering over my shoulder - to get every shot.

Or even worse - gets in the shot - as they go for an alternative angle.

Luckily for me - it has only happened a handful of times - but believe me - a handful too many!

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Disconnect from your Distractions

As you can probably tell by the influx of sneaky peaks over onFacebook

I’m back!!

Have you missed me?

Seriously though - have you?

Have you noticed that I have been M.I.A?

That you have received ZERO emails in the last two weeks?

That there has been a lack of Facebook posts?

A tiny part of me felt like I was abandoning my lovelies - that I had temporarily abandoned my business

Maybe I had - and in that sense - the last two weeks seemed like a very long time - like I’d been away for several weeks - not just two

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Building CONFIDENCE to feel BEAUTIFUL (again?)!

Building confidence can take a little bit of work...

Maybe you’ve always been hard on yourself - and never felt right complimenting yourself.

Or maybe something has happened in your life - and you are not who you used to be - or maybe you are exactly the same person - but just don’t see it - or feel it anymore.

Sometimes, we all need to find ways to feel beautiful again - to be beautiful on the inside AND the outside!

And I believe that I can help YOU!

As I have with so many of my lovelies . . . 

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Destination Wedding Photographer Vs Local Resort Photographer

Is it a good idea to pay for a Destination Wedding Photographer to fly out to your wedding? Or - use the local/resort Photographer?

For those of you waiting for my 'Planning a Destination Wedding' blog - it is coming - I promise. 

There's just a slight delay. 

Last week, I helped you plan a wedding. 

This week, I was going to give you tips on planning a destination wedding. 

Since I am leaving soon to shoot a destination wedding - and haven't actually planned one myself - I decided that I would 'interview' the bride when we go over the final details of her big day. 

I will ask her all about her experience of planning a wedding with so many miles between!! - and then share it with you!

But - I still need to share something with you now. 

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WEDDING PLANNING - Where to Start??!

Wedding planning can be so overwhelming - because there’s just SOOOO much to think about - and do.

So - I have done the thinking for you.

For the most part, anyway.

Did you believe me when I said I LOVE lists??!

And believe me again, because you are going to love this one!

I am pretty sure I have covered every nook and cranny of wedding planning.

All YOU have to do now is - print this blog - check off each task as you go - and of course, apply your own creativity in terms of colours and style, etc - although, I have tried to help you a little there too.

I remember only getting stressed once during wedding planning - actually, twice - but that one doesn’t count.

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