How Should I Prepare for My Boudoir Shoot?

A boudoir session is generally one hour (ok - I usually get a little carried away - so a little over an hour!)

That's plenty of time for 3-4 outfit options

But please - bring TEN!!

Who knows what you're going to feel like wearing that day?!

We all know that an outfit we felt amazing in last week - isn't necessarily perfect this week!

Bring lots of options!

Here's a Boudoir Preparation Guide to assist you with other preparations that you need to consider for your shoot...

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Boudoir Preparation - What to Bring on the Day!

Last Fall - I travelled to LA - and I was so proud of myself!

I actually managed to pack EVERYTHING into a tiny carry-on bag!

Not even a small suitcase - an actual bag!

Ok... I was only going for three days - but that included heels as well!

So I remained optimistic - and figured I could do exactly the same for my upcoming NYC trip

Who the heck was I kidding?! It's NEW YORK!!

I dragged out my beast of a case - its pink! - and started planning my outfits

I have an outfit for every day - and every night - and we all know I'm going to go shopping and find more 'needed' outfits!

Oh - and I think I just about have enough pair of shoes - approx one pair of each day!

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