A Wedding Gift (or two) from the Guests!

Dear Guests,

Brides - stay tuned - there’s something for you too.

When you receive a wedding invitation in the mail from a dear friend (or relative) - and there’s no gift registry - your head falls into your hands...

doesn’t it?

What on earth am I going to buy as a wedding gift?!

Keep calm - I have the answers!

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Here is an AWESOME list - to help you find the perfect GIFT!!

At 33 years young (and six days - already!!!), I was expecting to go out for a few drinks with my friends - shopping with hubby - and a ‘family’ dinner with our Canadian family.


I wasn’t expecting prezzies!

Well, maybe from my hubby, hehe!

But not from my friends - my ‘family’ - or even my mommy (because I have told her several times that she really doesn’t have to - but she wants to - and I can’t say no to that).

I have received such beautiful gifts this year - my antique tea set is now complete - I have brand new (bright white) converse - and plenty of nail polish colours to get me through the seasons!

Thank you so much - I LOVE them all!

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Still deciding on ENGAGEMENT Pictures ?

Why are Engagement Pictures such a good idea? 

Most of my lovelies are camera-shy - avoid being the centre of attention - and therefore have probably never had a professional shoot done before.

So - with that in mind - do you really want your wedding day to be the first time that you experience a ‘paparazzi’ ? - that you experience a professional photo shoot.

Especially when you will already have a million and one things to think about

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Location, Location, LOCATIONS!

Engagement and Wedding Photo Shoot Locations...

When I'm thinking about photo shoot locations - I often find myself thinking of England - 

Thinking of the old cobbled streets that weave through the small village where I lived -

The old stone churches that have stood for centuries in each town -

I reminisce about the weekend walks we would take - rambling over the heather covered Yorkshire moors.

These places were practically on my doorstep - and now I feel like I should have made the most of them.

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Dress IMPECCABLY and they remember the Woman!

Engagement Shoot - what should you wear??

Dress to impress in your Engagement Shoot!

I've never been one to ask my girl-friends "what are you wearing for so-and-so?" - I like to pride myself on being different.

Actually, sometimes I would ask - just so I knew what NOT to wear - we don't all need to be wearing a little black dress (or whatever the IN-THING is at the time) 

I do LOVE fashion - but I'm usually wearing 'whatever' when its out of fashion!!

And now that I've had years of practice (and girls' nights out) - I feel that I am pretty good at knowing outfit situations...

What will I be expected to wear??

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Getting MY beauty on!

Butterflies were racing around my tummy.

Goosebumps covered my body even though the heating was cranked up.

The photographer was (is) a friend of mine - and I was excited - but yet, I felt so nervous.

Why was I so nervous?

It's not like I didn't know what to expect.

This time two years ago, after much thought, I decided to get half naked in front of the camera - I put myself in your shoes and did a boudoir shoot - for me - and for you - okay, and for hubby!

So often, my clients would express how excited they were for their upcoming boudoir shoot - but most of all, how nerves overwhelmed them!

"Don't be nervous" I would say!

But really, how could I actually say that, genuinely?!

As much as I knew that their shoot would be fun and relaxing, I had never been in their position and done a boudoir shoot myself.

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For the LOVE of BEAUTY!

Rewind back to my last blog - little or no make-up (on camera) will not look like you - and on your wedding day, I'm sure you want to look your absolute amazing self - to magnify the beauty that already exists!

Many make-up applications ago, when there were, in fact, no applications at all - professional or otherwise - my wedding day vision did not include a make-up artist. I had no interest (as you know) in wearing that 'muck'.

But, my wedding day came around and I decided on a little make-up for pictures - and I am so glad that I did - my hubby loved it and so did I.

Five and a half years ago, I married my best friend - our day was perfect - I wouldn't change a thing!

Well, just one thing - my make-up. This artist did a great job, but I look back at our photos and it was just too natural - barely there.

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Is A SMILE really the best make-up a girl can wear??!

Sans make-up...confidence or laziness??

My hubby jokingly called me lazy, when I decided to go without make-up this one particular day - 

I know he was only joking, because he fell in love with me (lucky me) when my make-up drawer was still pretty much empty!

But, it did get me thinking...

Was I being lazy? Or was I merely accepting my natural beauty that day?

Some days, I treat my face as a blank canvas and create a little piece of art.

Other days, I leave the house without a drop of ‘paint’, because I don’t need to be picture perfect every single day - or so I thought, until earlier this week, when I unexpectedly had to renew my driver’s licence AND my picture!

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Who needs the gym when you can POSE for a pic??!

Posing, planning and putting on the right shoes!

I have kind of just sneaked this one in here! ‘Is a SMILE the best makeup a girl can wear??!’ will definitely be next week - I promise - but my Look Book arrived earlier this week and I wanted to show you all what’s in it!

What are you thinking about when considering a boudoir shoot?

Are you expected to run around before a shoot, buying thigh highs and sexy lingerie, that, let's face it, you are more than likely never going to wear again?

Should you 'brave it' and bare all, exposing your 'au natural' beauty?

Is it acceptable to wear your hubby's Superman t-shirt and some cheeky knee high socks?

The answer?? All of the above - and more! Anything goes, because this is YOUR photo shoot - if you want to wear a silky night gown that goes from your chin to your toes - go ahead - do it!

The list of possibilities is endless - there are no set rules of what to wear - wear what makes you feel like a million dollars - wear something that is going to make you feel beautiful - something that is going to put a smile on your face - something that is you! That can even mean sweatpants if you really want to!!

Honestly, we can make anything work...

- bra and panties

- one piece lingerie

- a white shirt (especially hubby's for that 'just out of bed' look!)

- a tank top and panties

- topless with jean shorts

- a leather jacket

- a fur coat

- a corset with panties and thigh highs

- a silky nightgown

- a white sheet (draped casually, leaving just a little for the imagination)

- your birthday suit!!

Once you've emptied your closet and thrown the contents of it all over the floor - and finally decided what you are going to wear (3 or 4 outfits) - you may want to consider accessories!

- a long delicate necklace / string of pearls

- rings

- flowers for your hair

- a hat

- a veil (adding a bridal theme can be a lovely idea if this is going to be a wedding gift for your hubby-to-be)

- oh, and SHOES!

Another endless list of possibilities.

Wearing jewellery (or something in your hair) can give us something to 'play' with - adjusting your hat or touching your necklace during a pose can provide us with a very natural looking shot.

And - it adds a little bling!

But, if you want to stay 'simple' that is beautiful too.

Or - we can go BIGGER!!

- dirt biking boots and helmet

- snowboard and boots

- an old bicycle with a basket

(all of these have been tried and tested)

- a guitar / violin / cello (I think this would be a fun one)

- ooh, a horse (may I suggest an outdoor shoot for this one though - not the studio)

It's easy to incorporate your passion and interests into a shoot - it's your photo shoot - make it personal.

So…you've packed your lingerie and pearl necklace - and hubby's hockey stick - and you've made it to the studio - YAY!

Now what?

Now, we 'set the scene' for each outfit!

The studio has lots of space - and LOTS of furniture!

- a bed

- backdrops

- an antinque chaise lounge

- a door frame / wall / closet

- even a fire place, if you want to curl up with a coffee in your ‘sexy’ sweater!

I know how nerve-wrecking boudoir shoots can be - you ask yourself - 

What am I expected to do? 

Do I have to know posing - how to create a certain expression on demand?

It’s the fear of the unknown because you are saying - “I don’t know how to do any of that!”

It’s all good - I will help you every step of the way - direct you through posing - unless, of course, you are a natural and can totally ‘work’ the camera all on your own (you’d be surprised what can happen when you get into the swing of things!)

And with these few posing tips, you will be doing just that - because now, you know exactly what to do!

Here’s your first little lesson...

Always point your toes, whether you are standing, sitting or laying down - killer heels are super sexy, but bare feet for boudoir is my absolute fave!! - pointing those toes will elongate your legs - making them look like they go on forever (this one’s a good one for a shorty, like me!)

Bend your elbows and knees to create triangles.

Create an ‘S’ shape with your body - drop your front hip (the one closest to the camera) - bend that same knee - and then bring that knee across towards your other leg - twisting at the waist - very slimming!

Holding your shoulders back (no slouching) will make them look thinner - and will elongate your neck.

Let me tell you - you’ll be missing the gym that week - posing is a workout (I’m tired just thinking about these!!) - I’d say it is more fun than a gym though (and less sweaty!)

So, you are getting your workout and totally pulling off the posing - but - where do you look? 


I will get you looking at the camera (occasionally) - looking across the room (at your imaginary hubby) - looking out of the window - or down your shoulder - and at your hands.

When looking away from the camera - especially when you are looking down at yourself - it can give a real intimate / feminine feel to the image.

And looking directly at the camera is bold - it shows confidence.

It is always nice to get that variety in one shoot

Should you smile?


I have a little trick up myself to get you laughing - well firstly, you’ll look at me strange - then you’ll probably laugh at me, in sympathy - which will then make you laugh again, genuinely - and then you will smile! 

I simply tell you to - LAUGH!! It actually works - everytime!

Sometimes, even those in between shots are the winners!!

Should you try for a serious look?

Yes! Variety is good! (just no duck faces!! - please!)

This is actually a simple one...

Breath in through your nose and out through your mouth - that’s it!

By doing this, your lips will naturally part on your breathe out (and now I am sat here typing and breathing in and out in an exaggerated manner - you are too, aren’t you??!)

Gasping also works!

Thoughts are also helpful!

Think of that thing that makes you laugh - and you will laugh - or at least smile :)

Think of your hubby - whispering sweet nothings into your ear - hehe, blushing??

Think of your hubby (again) - undressing himself - undressing you - slowly - now we’re talking!!

Memories trigger certain emotions - and expressions - that we can most definitely use to our advantage - for that ‘oh so natural’ look!

Oooh, I just thought of another posing tip...

Putting your tongue to the roof of your mouth will make your...relaxed chin (hehe) disappear!!

How ready are you now??

You should be feeling confident - and ready to get your beauty on!!

There's lots of boudoir photography options available, all of which can be custom made just for you - check out my packages and pricing here.

CREDITS: Justina Green (model) - Megan Julie (model) - Shae-Lynn Jastrzebski (model) - Jess kollesavich (Clean Slate Hair & Beauty) - Jennifer Banda (JB Makeup Artistry) - Dark Knits Boutique (corsets)

If you'd like to see the exterior of this Look Book - you will find it on my Facebook page - Pretty as a Picture Photography

Stay Tuned...

Coming up in the next blog - "A smile is the best makeup any girl can wear"! Is it though??

There's lots of boudoir photography options available, all of which can be custom made just for you - check out my packages and pricing here.

with LOVE and a smile - Emma

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