Secrets to Self Confidence

Did you know that there are amazing women out there who would LOVE to help you combat your fears and confidence battles.

And I have the absolute pleasure of knowing a beauty who can do just that.


Kayla struggled with body image before puberty even hit.

And it stuck with her all the way up until just a couple of years ago.

But. Life is too short to be insecure!

A switch flipped - and she told herself that she was no longer going to go through this self torment any longer.

It took time - but she was ready to change.

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It was literally the difference between running and hiding from her fears - or choosing to face them head on.

Because there is good stuff on the other side of fear.

By going through a divorce (which was a huge fear) she gained so much more confidence (I don't think she recommends a divorce though - unless of course it's what you need to do).

But you have to be willing to make changes - to make it better.

You have to be willing to put yourself in hard situations.

That switch has to flip for you too - to continue with a process.

And Kayla teaches that process - so that you can face your fears too!

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As Kayla's confidence grew - friends would admire it - and ask how she achieved it.

What did she do to become so confident?

Her friends' curiosity and need for help - naturally evolved into a passion.

Kayla knew then that she wanted to help women be more confident.

Other women have to know that there is a way.

So Secrets to Self Confidence was born.

Secrets to Self Confidence is a Facebook Group - but Kayla has much bigger plans.

This is just the start.

A little action is better than no action at all.

And I can attest to how wonderful this group is.

Lots of inspiration, motivation, personal stories and challenges.

I just love being a part of Kayla's group - and I'm super excited to see Secrets to Self Confidence progress.

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Kayla is currently developing a multi-tier program for women who need a helping hand with their confidence.

Building self-confidence is a process which is not going to happen over night.

It takes a while.

It takes practice.

And Kayla's program will be designed to help you every step of the way - and encourage you to keep going.

Because there is beautiful stuff at the other side of that hard work.

Kayla looks back at her 'old life' and realizes how much more peaceful and happy she is NOW!


If you would like to join Kayla (and the rest of us wonderful women, hehe) on her 'Secrets to Self Confidence' journey - join her fabulous Facebook group

And ask yourself right now - what can you do TODAY to make that first step toward self-confidence?

Kayla's suggestion: Recognize your accomplishments - and CELEBRATE them - no matter how big or small.

My win for the day is accepting my new (short to me) hair cut.

I had 2 inches taken off - which is a huge deal for me.

I usually panic at 2cm!!

But this time - I was like what the heck - it will grow back!

We would love to know what you are celebrating today.

Comment below or join us over at Secrets to Self Confidence

Kayla can also be reached on Instagram, Facebook or Email.

"The happiest people don't always have the best of everything - they just MAKE the best of everything!"

Credit for Kayla's boudoir shoot goes to the following talented women...

Hair: Kelly - The Loft Stony Plain

Makeup: Shalan - YShal / Younique

Location: Olde Back Roads - Gloria

Photographer: Me!

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with LOVE and a smile - Emma

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