Say YES!

With Granyma' recently passing away, it made me think...

did she do everything she dreamed of - that she wanted? 

Did she live life to the fullest?

Am I?

Am I fulfilling every dream?

Are you?

Are you saying Yes to opportunities - even though your stomach is churning - and butterflies are doing somersaults?

Are you saying yes - despite everyone else saying no - to that 'thing' - or to you?!

My hubby and I said YES to moving to Canada - even though it was a long and frustrating process - and people said "it's just a pipe dream"

We said YES to building a house - in the country - even though we didn't have a clue of where to start - and friends would try to deter us - Suggesting how hard it will be to build and maintain. 

I said YES to starting - and building - my own business - even though I'd seen my mom and dad work so hard - with endless hours - keeping a-float with their own business. 

I said YES to my first ever Photographers Meet & Greet - even though I knew no-one - and being among large groups makes me nervous.

But I did it - and I was (seemed) confident - and I made some great friends from that day - I've been to many more Meet & Greets.

I said YES to becoming vegetarian - because my hubby was going to try - even though I was brought up on a pig farm (and we bred pigs to eat) - and I thought it would be hard to give up meat. 

It turns out - I was wrong - I feel good - I don't miss meat - at all!

I said YES to flying solo - to the UK - even though I'd only ever flown with someone. 

I had to - otherwise I wouldn't get to see my friends and family. 

Now - I would do it again and again. 

My sister and I said YES to a huge rollercoaster - and I said NO repeatedly in the line up. 

But we did it - and have a pic to prove it - and I actually look like I'm loving it!

I said YES to writing this blog - because I committed to publishing every week - and I don't want to let my lovelies down. 

It's the middle of wedding season - and I'm swamped with shoots and edits - and distracted by my new house - but I'm writing. 

I said YES to being in front of the camera - for a boudoir shoot - twice - even though I was nervous about bearing it all - and putting myself 'in the hands' of another Photographer. 

But I needed to put myself in the shoes of my clients - they get nervous too - and they still say YES!

What are you going to say yes to next?

YES to the love of your life? ♥

YES to an elopement - because planning a wedding is just too chaotic? 

YES to a boudoir shoot - because this should be on everyone's bucket list (even dudes!) 


'The secret of being happy is accepting where you are in life and making the most out of everyday'

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with LOVE and a smile - Emma

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