Plus Size and PROUD!

One of the most rewarding parts about my job (among many) is all the amazing women who I get to meet.

More often than not - they open up to me and share their story with me.

I love that everyone has a different 'story' to tell.

And I love that a boudoir session is so powerful that it can create a happy ending to these unfortunate experiences.

Plus Size Boudoir Photography 001.jpg

So. Meet Andrea!

She is one of my lovelies who I have had the pleasure of 'hanging out' with lots of times!

Including TWO boudoir sessions!

Body Positivity is a huge deal to me - and I really want to turn other experiences around - like I was able to with Andrea.

And this is her story - which she has agreed to share with all the women out there with struggles.

Like Andrea said to me - boudoir is an experience as much as it was about the photos!

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Plus Size Boudoir Photography 004.jpg

"I used to model frequently for about five years - and I loved it! But about two years ago my body changed and I gained weight. This did not stop me from responding for model calls - because I did not see an issue at all. However - I was no longer chosen and accepted - and this eventually knocked my confidence. It made me feel insecure about my weight and that I wasn’t worth anyones time because I wasn’t a ‘bikini model’.

Last year - I booked in with Emma for a family shoot with my hubby (and two fur-babies). We are both heavier set but Emma knew exactly how to ‘work with us’ and pose in a manner that was flattering for both of us.

I started following Emma’s work on social media and came across her Naked Truth shoot. She had several models of different ages, body types and gender and she had pulled it together in a way that made me consider doing a boudoir shoot. Emma had made me feel comfortable in my last shoot - so I had the confidence that she could do that again! Especially after seeing her portfolio which included women of all shapes and sizes.

So I booked! Worse case - I wouldn’t like the photos - but I knew I would have fun in the shoot.

But I did like the photos - I LOVED them! I wasn’t picking them apart at all. I felt great!

I felt pretty!!

So I booked again!! I know when I book with Emma that I’m going to look and feel good - it’s a given!

I feel confident in my own skin again.

I have started loving myself again - I don’t pick myself apart when I look in the mirror or at the photos.

It was the experience as much as it was the photos - which I also loved! I loved them ALL!”

Plus Size Boudoir Photography 005.jpg

"Loving yourself isn't vanity - it's sanity!"

There's lots of boudoir photography options available, all of which can be custom made just for you - check out my packages and pricing here.

with LOVE and a smile - Emma

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