Photography Pricing

There's slim (to none) chance that I'm going to win the lottery

Well - because I don't play

But I can still dream

And if I did become a millionaire - I would gift so many of my lovelies

But truth is (shhhh - don't tell everyone)

I'm not rich.

I'm not a millionaire.

I - like everyone else - have bills to pay

I have a mortgage - and power bills - and insurance - and I guess I need to eat too - blah blah blah

But guess what?!

I have business bills too!

The usual stuff like...

Cameras and Equipment

Licences and Insurance

Portfolio Prints and Albums.

Studio Rental.

Abigail - my amazing assistant who helps me provide a service that you all deserve.

And it's a never ending path of learning.

I want to learn from the best - to be the best - for you!

That costs money.

And there's a few hidden gems too...

Website fees - and online gallery fees - and those pretty little USB sticks you all get - and a number of other fees.

And it's not just my business.

Almost every business have these significant overheads to think about.

So unfortunately - the money you hand over to me for your wedding or your boudoir session - doesn't actually stay in my pocket.

And even though I do this for the love and passion for photography - I do have to get real for a moment.

In order to stay in business

To continue doing what I love.

To continue to provide you with the best service I can possibly provide.

My prices have to increase.

These last few weeks have taught me a heck of a lot.

Not only about my own business - but how much we all (including myself) take services and products for granted.

What actually goes into the things we purchase?

How much time (blood/sweat/tears) goes into those things?

Even when I paid 4x more for a Photographer than what I was charging - because I valued his services.

Even then - it didn't occur to me that my prices were too low.

You all know how much I put into each boudoir session - each wedding - each image.

It's not just a case of me turning up to shoot for an hour or two.

I put a lot of thought - and planning and prepping into each shoot - before the shoot even takes place.

I put a lot of time into going through your images - and editing every one - because I believe that you should have the right to ALL your pictures.

I like to personally hand deliver those images.

But like I said - I've learnt a lot from this business course.

And honestly - I've been rather blind until then - but I have totally been undervaluing my own images.

Your images.

When all is said and done - I've been selling my digital files for less than $2 each - and I've been working for minimum wage!!

As much as I love my job - and will always hold this passion for what I do - I have to be real - and tell you...

I cannot work for minimum wage!

And I have come too far with Pretty as a Picture Photography to do anything other than move forward like this.

I walked into this business as a Photographer - but after five years of 'playing' and learning - I have realised that it takes more than that.

Photography comes second.

The most important part of running a business - is knowing business.

And with the continued love and support from my lovelies - I know we can all make this step together.

There's lots of wedding photography options available, all of which can be custom made just for you - check out my packages and pricing here.

with LOVE and a smile - Emma

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