Location, Location, LOCATIONS!

Engagement and Wedding Photo Shoot Locations...

When I'm thinking about photo shoot locations - I often find myself thinking of England - 

Thinking of the old cobbled streets that weave through the small village where I lived -

The old stone churches that have stood for centuries in each town -

I reminisce about the weekend walks we would take - rambling over the heather covered Yorkshire moors.

These places were practically on my doorstep - and now I feel like I should have made the most of them.

Although - as a child - I would often walk through one of our fields and site under the holly tree.

I would just sit there - dreaming - taking in my surroundings.

So - I guess the appreciation was there - but back then (at age seven years old) the percentage of 'perfect pictures' was pretty low!

The wonderful memories are still there - but I wish I had the wonderful pictures to go with them too.

Even though the English countryside often creeps into my thoughts - imagining how beautiful a particular engagement photo shoot or wedding would be - I do recognize the beautiful surroundings we have here in Edmonton!

Honestly - we have such perfect places all over the city - and even not too far out of town.

I love driving around - scouting out new photo shoot locations - finding the hidden treasures of this city!

Here are just a few locations for your consideration...

It is one less thing for you to think about when planning your wedding - even I struggle to think about the ideal places there are - and I'm out and about playing in these places often!

Anyway - I took some time - with the help from my brides - to document the locations we have used - and LOVE!

But one place in particular that I am excited to shoot at - a place with rolling hills that remind me of my English home - a place that we will call home in the very near future.

Our acreage is just pretty as a picture! (hehe)

We've seen it change through all the seasons - each image just as pretty as the next.

These hills are waiting patiently for my brides and their grooms.

Until then (but when the weather is a little warmer) - I am going to find a tree - where I can sit - dreaming - blogging - and taking in my surroundings!

"Sometimes, we don't know what we've got until it's gone!"

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Next week - let's have a look at some 'rainy day' options - although, luckily, the weather here is pretty good - but just in case, we always need to keep a few indoor locations in mind!

There's lots of wedding photography options available, all of which can be custom made just for you - check out my packages and pricing here.

with LOVE and a smile - Emma

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