Marlin Travel - Ellen

Travel is a huge part of my life - and although I have visited many different places around the world - I feel that I have barely scratched the surface!

I always love returning home to my beautiful 'little world' and my loving husband

But because I love to travel - and I love lists - my plans for my next trip begin immediately.

Hubby says I'm a Galavanter!!

I already know that my trip to Italy and my West Coast of the US trip will take a month - EACH!

Because there's just so much to see - and I have to make the most of every moment.

And hubby wants to watch wrestling - live - in New Orleans - so of course I'm going to tag along.

Not for the wrestling - but for those beautiful New Orleans streets!

Oh - and my bestie is coming over from England so so soon!

We will be going on adventures in the mountains - and making memories while we road-trip to the island!!

The thought of travel - and exploring new places - excites me so much!

And I like to think that that passion can be seen in my (many) images that I create while away

Including those times I have been lucky enough to be chosen to travel with bride&grooms for their elopements.

Anyway - enough about my 'galavanting'

Have you met Ellen??

Ellen is the leading lady behind Marlin Travel

Ellen has been planning destination weddings and honeymoons for 12 years now - and many of her couples have become her friends

Because she offers much more than just a holiday!

She is truly passionate about what she does - and strives to create THE best trip for anyone and everyone!

When you meet her - you can see just how much passion she has for her clients - and these trips.

AND - there's more!

Over to Ellen . . .

"The relationship that women build amongst themselves is more powerful than we realize.

We are so open to meeting new people!

And this is the biggest reason that I love hosting women on these exclusive trips.

I’m so blessed to be able to travel and experience this beautiful world we live in - and meet amazing people.

It takes it to a whole new level when I travel with these ladies and see their excitement and passion for the destination - through their eyes.

Some of these ladies are well travelled -

While others have very little experience - and like the comfort of having me there to answer any questions - take their pictures - and so much more!

These ladies come as singles - bring their mom / friends / siblings.

To see the bonding and laughter we share is the greatest reward for me.

Another passion of mine is helping bride&grooms find their PERFECT destination wedding or honeymoon.

These couples are SO full of love and happiness - which makes my job so enjoyable.

It warms my heart to see some of these couples grow their families - and allowing me to be part of it is a great gift."


Soooo...already packing for Ellen's next trip??

They are having a 'reveal party' on June 15 at 7pm at the Marlin Travel office

8 McLeod Ave, Spruce Grove, AB, T7X 3X3

Find out where their new ladies trip will be - and get to meet lots of lovelies - including Ellen and I, hehe!!

Stay tuned for more info - and like their Facebook page!

" Go find yourself "

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with LOVE and a smile - Emma

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