Having a mommy - as positive - happy - bubbly - just BRILLIANT - as mine... 

is such an inspiration. 

She's an absolute delight to be around. 

Whatever she is faced with ( in life ) - she tackles it head on 

with a smile! 

Mommy is one of the little pieces of the puzzle that made me WHO I am!

She is an inspiration. 

She inspires me to dream - and catch those dreams. 

She inspires me to be happy through the toughest times.

She inspires me to be ME!

Mommy has been living with us for almost two weeks now

She was a little nervous of flying and travelling alone - but she did it anyway. 

Sadly - it's only a vacation - and she has to leave us again on Monday! 

I was just getting used to having another ditsy doll around ( and mommy's cooking ) 

Hubby says we are 'two peas in a pod'.

And honestly - there's no one else I'd rather be like.

She stands out from the crowd - She's not afraid of being her own unique self. 

At the age of sixty something - she thinks she's my age - which is funny - because I still think I'm 18 (minus the back aches) 

And she's a foster carer for newborns!

Like I said - mommy is a ton of fun and very outgoing - but as soon as she has a camera in front of her...

She starts twitching - and becomes... SHY?!!

So... I worked my magic! 

I got her to relax - to laugh - enjoy herself like the camera isn't there...

And bend that knee to show off those beautiful legs!

My mommy is totally nailing this modelling thing. 

And if mommy can do it - so CAN YOU!!

Camera Shy?

Not in my studio!

Think of it as a date with a friend - even bring your friend along

Have a glass of wine ( or two )

laugh ... A LOT!

"The secret to being happy is living one day at a time - and ENJOY yourself!" - Mommy!

Mommy also adds...

"Keep smiling - it makes people wonder what you've been up to!"

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with LOVE and a smile - Emma

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