How to be Your Best Self? Embrace Your Imperfections!

Every single one of us is guilty of looking in the mirror and immediately seeing our 'flaws'.

We zoom in on our perceived imperfections instead of looking for the 'good stuff'.

It is healthy to acknowledge our imperfections - as much as it is to think about the things that we love about ourselves.

But the trick is to ACCEPT those imperfections - and move on!

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Who decides what flaws and perfect assets are anyway??

We all do!

Art is subjective. Everyone has their own opinion as to what is beautiful and what is not.

It's the same with our bodies.

Beauty is subjective.

Perfections are subjective!

And a perfect example of this would be the fact that the perfect body has changed drastically over the past 100 years! 

So really - what is a perfect or imperfect body?

Focus on yourself!

Look at your flaws and accept what you see!

Accept what you can't change about yourself.

Strive to work on the things that you can change - a little bit at a time - without obsessing over them.

Or - rather than striving for perfection - let's learn to be the best that WE can be - according to our own opinion - not the opinion of others!

Caring about what others think of you is a losing battle.

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Imperfections can be seen in different forms - it's not just the physical flaws that we see.

Someone who accepts their imperfections - or even doesn't see any flaws at all - can be seen as arrogant. 

That arrogance can then be a seen as an imperfection.

A perfectionist may only see their flaws because they want to improve them to attain perfection.

Again - another losing battle.

Perfection is impossible because we all have different ideas of what perfection is.

Perfection is subjective!

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So. Challenge yourself today!

Look in the mirror - and look at ONE of your flaws.

Ask yourself...

Why is it an imperfection?

Can it be changed? What would you have to do to change it?

Would that change make you happier? Is there any point in perfecting your imperfection?

But most of all - think about how that imperfection is actually a good quality.

Change your perception to see that it's not a bad thing after all.

Every negative has a positive!

See what positivity your flaws bring to your life.

Now - repeat this process - one imperfection at a time!

Learn to fall in love with your flaws - or at the very least accept them. 

Accept and love yourself - then share the love!

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Our Boudoir Beauty: Cathy!!
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Makeup: Shalan - YShal - Younique
Tan / Shoot Assistant: A Lee (Aimee) - Tan On The Run Edmonton

Stay tuned for our next blog - 5 TIPS TO ACCEPT YOUR IMPERFECTIONS!

"If you talked to your friends the way you talk to your body - you'd have no friends left!"

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