How much for a BOUDOIR Shoot?

Today we get our KEYS! Woohoo!

In three days - we get to move into our forever home!

New home.

New office.

New [outdoor] studio.

No more dull beige walls to stare at when I’m in thinking (ok - distracted) mode - I don’t even have a pot plant to look at!

But it’s ok - because in just a few days - not only will I potentially have a beautiful floral arrangement sat pretty on my shelves - but I will have a whole forest of trees to gaze into - as I ‘work’!

And I’m sure my work motivation will kick in once the novelty of new has gone - and it has sunk in that this is it - our dream has come true!

This is our house.

You may think “lucky B” - and I would tend to agree - on some level - but mostly - it’s hard work that has paid off.

Hard work - a lot of patience - and waiting - and A LOT of saving!

But 5 years - 4 months - 2 weeks and one day - and we finally get to move to our little piece of Canada!

The whole reason we moved to Canada - for a better life.

We knew what we wanted (some people even laughed and said it was a pipe dream) - and we did everything in our power to ACHIEVE that ‘pipe-dream’.

No matter how small (or big) - your dreams - your goals - your desires.

It is such a HUGE accomplishment when they finally happen.

We made our five year plan - and five years seemed like a heck of long time - but now we are here.

Five years has flown by - and the wait has been totally worth it!

Delayed gratification!

Honestly though - had we stumbled across this perfect piece of dirt months or years before - we would have moved already!

As soon as we drove through the trees - over the hill - and stopped - to look across at more hills - I fell in love!

We looked at each other - and we both knew that this was it - and this had to be ours!

This was home!

And now it is ♥

I’ve already had the pleasure of shooting out here but I’m super excited to get more clients to come for a visit - and make the most of my hilly ‘studio’.

Did you know that if you saved only $110 per month - between now and November - you would save $550!!

And guess how much for a Boudoir Shoot?!

And wouldn’t it feel fabulous - and such an amazing accomplishment - having set yourself this goal - and achieved it.

Just in time for Christmas too!

Pre Christmas feast.

Potential Christmas prezzie for your man.

Or merely getting into the festive spirit - treat yourself - then go PARTY - since you will be dolled up!

This may not be a house (certainly cheaper) - but it’s definitely a very inspiring dream/goal.

A ‘want’ that should be on every girl’s bucket list.

But I probably wouldn’t advise baring all in the middle of the snow (we do have an indoor studio too) - although I’m game - if you are!

If you are a ‘soak up in the sun’ kinda girl - with a ‘no time like the present’ attitude - my scenic studio will officially be open next week!

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams” - Eleanor Roosevelt

There's lots of boudoir photography options available, all of which can be custom made just for you - check out my packages and pricing here.

with LOVE and a smile - Emma

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