Hatha Yoga

Who's tried yoga?

Was it something you've done once or twice (like me) - or did you commit to a regular class?

I tried yoga for the first time just over two years ago - outside!

It was an amazing experience...

Listening to nothing but the whisper of the trees and the river

And discovering that my body was actually capable of the downward dog and the tree pose - and barely (but there) headstand!

It was relaxing - but at the same time - felt like I had actually done something.

I joined my mom at one of her classes too - when I went back to England for a visit.

They sleep in their class!!

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Last year, my business partner and I attended a yoga & food night in Westlock, AB

The evening consisted of a full yoga session, an introduction to Juice Plus+ and a 3 course vegan meal.

Every second of the evening was wonderful.

We loved it that much that we actually hosted a yoga & food night at our photography studio in Stony Plain, AB

My hubby joined us too!

And I enjoy the Juice Plus+ gummies every day - I haven't eaten candy since!!

Both of these events were run by Kara Rimmer and Kerri Wiegand - two wonderful women who are very knowledgeable when it comes to what are bodies need!

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Kara has been doing Hatha (movement with breath) yoga for the past 8 years - and has been teaching yoga since October 2017.

The fact that Kara found yoga in her life was a blessing - and the decision to teach it was based on the want and need to share that blessing with others.

She is a natural health practitioner, an advocate for plant based nutrition - and is passionate about holistic health & wellness.

I am a vegetarian myself and didn't even realize how many benefits there are to a plant based diet.

Not only does Kara practice yoga several times per week - but you will also find her at the gym - supporting her friend who is competing in a body building competition!

Her friend was looking for a 'dedicated and bad-ass' workout buddy - to motivate her and keep her company during her body building training.

Kara has no interest in entering the competition herself - but she wanted to support her friend!

See - exercising isn't just about losing weight or staying healthy - it can be motivation for others too!

And since Kara has been working out six times a week (and teaching yoga) - she feels good inside and out.

Stony Plain Boudoir Studio 005.jpg

She has more of a zest and joy for life.

She feels happier and more confident!

Kara teaches yoga at ...

Breathing Roots Yoga & Wellness, Westlock

Spirit Centre, Westlock

Family Yoga Centre, Edmonton


"You are what you eat! Let your food be your medicine!" - Hipocarates


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with LOVE and a smile - Emma

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