Gift Certificates - Why are they such a good idea?!

The thought of gift certificates used to bore me

I used to think that receiving gift certificates

or gifting them to friends or family

showed a lack of imagination and thought

a lack of organization and time. 

Gift Certificates are impersonal 

And a 'get out' for the lazy shoppers. 

But that was the 'I hate shopping' teenager in me

The 'I start Christmas Shopping in September' Emma - So I had plenty of time to think of a gift. 

Then I grew up (just a little)

and noticed more and more that my friends and family were actually putting gift certificates/cards/vouchers on their wish lists

I was even putting gift certificates on my list

Because NOW...

I love to shop 

and I love to pick out beautiful things for my new home - but don't always get the chance to. 

Gift Certificates are 



and give the recipient FREEDOM to choose 

EXACTLY what they want 

and WHEN they want it!

Not only that. 

Gift Certificates can be a way of gifting an experience instead of a physical gift. 

A gift that could be thrown or hidden in a drawer

because it's just going to collect dust and clutter the place. 

An experience turns into a memory - that can be documented by way of pictures

Whether it be a weekend away in the mountains 

A date night with hubby 

Afternoon tea with your friends

or a boudoir shoot 

any shoot for that matter. 

Which can be gifted to you by hubby (send him a little hint)

or you could gift it to your BFF

or someone who you think really needs a 'break from life'

someone who deserves a little pampering 

who deserves to feel truly beautiful 

You could even make it an afternoon or evening of fun... 

drinking champagne together

and picking out outfits for the shoot! 

Gift Certificates allow you to gift the experience without having to secure the date. 

You can purchase the entire shoot

or contribute a little towards it. 

A group of you could even pool together to create the perfect experience

making it more affordable for each of you! 

The Gift Certificates may have been purchased with the intention of a shoot and hair & make up

but if there's a sale on at the time of redeeming the gift certificate

you (or whoever the recipient is) may just be able to squeeze something extra on to it

Like a canvas print 


Maybe you know someone who has already experienced a boudoir shoot. 

The gift certificate could be for an album. 

And for all those last minute shoppers.. 

We have eVoucher Gift Certificates that can be emailed to you for you to print! 

But since there's only 38 sleeps until Christmas 

There's no excuse! 

Get the pretty printed gift certificates instead 💕

"Each day is a gift. Don't send it back unopened" 

There's lots of boudoir photography options available, all of which can be custom made just for you - check out my packages and pricing here.

with LOVE and a smile - Emma

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