Boudoir: Frequently Asked Questions!

What is boudoir? 

Boudoir is a genre of photography designed to capture the sensual raw beauty of women 

(and now men and couples too)

Fun fact... 

The word boudoir is actually french - as original meaning was - a private room for women to sulk - but then later - a place for scandalous frolics 

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What do I wear? 

We can make absolutely anything work! 

two-piece / one-piece lingerie



sweater and knee socks

hubbies button shirt

Just to name a few 

for more options - check out our other blog post. 

Can I go nude? 


We can tailor your whole shoot around nude shots if you wish 

we can work our way up to it - starting with an outfit that is less exposing - and more in your comfort zone 

Nude images will be 'implied' and tasteful. 

Do I bring my own outfits? Or do you provide them? 

You must provide your own lingerie - for hygiene purposes - and so we know it will fit you perfectly! 

Our collection of non-lingerie outfits is slowly growing- and you are more than welcome to wear any of them for your shoot.

But I do encourage you to bring your own - since you know what you feel amazing in. 

I also have a selection of necklaces and heels (size 8) to choose from. 

How many outfits can I wear? 

Three or four. 

This will give you 10 to 15 minutes in each outfit - which will allow for a variety of poses in a variety of outfits 

Any more - and the shoot will not flow as nice - and will become less relaxing. 

Nude and 'white sheet' shots are classed as outfits too. 

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Is hair and makeup included in the boudoir packages? 

It sure is.

We pride ourselves on not just making this a boudoir session to remember - but a boudoir experience!

My go - to girl is Jess. We have worked together on boudoir and weddings for a couple of years now. She is capable of pulling off any look - and achieving exactly what you ask for. 

Clean Slate Makeup + Beauty

I also have a back-up stylists and artists who are experienced in boudoir hair and make up...

Hair: Kelly at The Loft Hair Studio

Make-up: Sierra at Salon Montage

Make-up: Shalan at Y-Shal

Do I have to have a professional hair + makeup artist? Or can I do my own to save money? 

The hair and makeup part of the shoot - is all part of the boudoir experience. 

It is the time to relax - and get pampered - with a glass of bubbly. 

The professional artists know exactly how to achieve 'photo shoot' makeup and hair - which is a little different to your everyday look. 

Having said that - if you would prefer to do your own - you can. But remember - what you see in the mirror will not be the same on the photo. 

I am worried about my acne/cellulite/stretchmarks - do you do retouching? 

I can do retouching - but you have to let me know specifically what your areas of concern are - I never assume! 

Some people love their moles - some hate their scars!

This can be done at no extra cost - on a select few of your favourite images (or 25 if you are putting an album together). 

I am very shy about my body shape - Can I still do this? 


I take pride in finding the most flattering poses and lighting to highlight each client and their features. 

It's also important to tell me if you do have any areas of your body that you are self-conscious about. 

I do not 'take 15 pounds off' or do body reshaping. 

Am I too old for this? 

No way! 

I have worked with women of all ages - up to and into their 60's 

Boudoir is for EVERY woman - no matter their age. 

Everyone deserves to be pampered - and feel absolutely beautiful! 

I don't know how to pose! Help!!

Boudoir Photography Stony Plain-30.jpg

I work with lots of women - and each pose is tailored to them. 

Everyone is made up of different features - shapes - and sizes. 

There's poses for everyone. 

And I will direct you every step of the way - with your poses - and facial expressions. 

Who will be present during my photo session? 

Just me and you! 

The hair and makeup artist is only there for your pampering part of the experience.

Can I bring a friend? 

You are more than welcome to bring a friend along for the experience - and support - but she would wait for you in our comfy waiting room during the shoot itself 

Having friends in the room can be quite distracting for both of us 

Heck - they can even book for a shoot too! 


WOW!! What a lot of questions - and info! 

And there's even more: How to Easily Book a Boudoir Session

Happy prepping!!

"If someone tells you that you're not beautiful - walk away - so they can get a great view of your fabulous ass!"  

There's lots of boudoir photography options available, all of which can be custom made just for you - check out my packages and pricing here.

with LOVE and a smile - Emma

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