Find the time to face your fears!

Did you know that there's 1440 minutes in ONE day?!

That seems like a heck of a lot of time

yet I always feel like I'm running out of time!

Even during the winter season when I'm 'not busy'... I'm busy! 

My 'to do' list is getting longer - even though I am getting things done - bit by bit. 

I am so THANKFUL for Abi 

She came into my life to assist with weddings - and now she's helping with my TO DO list. 

She is saving me!

But can she save me from the grey hairs I seem to be sprouting??

There's one thing on my list that I am super excited to start.

At the same time ... it terrifies me! (hence the grey hairs)

Isn't it funny how we always find the time to do some things - 

The things we love to do - 

The things we want to do! 

But as soon as something makes us nervous

And we want to shy away ... 

" I haven't got time "

I will 'find' the time though - 

I have to!


What exactly is it that is freaking me out?

Being video recorded!!

which is scary enough...

But now my business coach ( Theresa Barretta ) has suggested I do a facebook live session! 



What if I stumble over my words

which is inevitable?!

What if no one is watching?! and I'm talking to myself?!

pretty much like talking to hubby then - I guess!!

What if ALL my lovelies are watching?!

More excuses?!!

I just need to get on with it!

My first ever wedding went super well - considering it was my first. 

My second?

Well... I cried!!

I went home - cried on my hubby - and told him I couldn't do it!

"I'm too quiet - people are not listening!"

And then what? 

I carried on, of course!!

I did another wedding - and another - and four years later (going into five) - I'm still doing them!

You can NOT let fear get in your way! 

That thing you've been dreaming of...

It's time to catch it!

Now is the time to do it!

Set the wheels in motion -

I am!

October 13th ... I am going to be LIVE!!

Please don't let me talk to myself!

Let's kick fear in the rear!


Grey hairs and all!

Tune in here - - at 7 pm!

"Face your fears. Live your dreams."

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with LOVE and a smile - Emma

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