Face YOUR Fears

Face YOUR Fears - like I did!

Twenty-one years ago - I was abandoned up the Eiffel Tower!

And 38 years prior to that - Audrey Hepburn apparently got ‘lost’ up the tower too!

I was shopping for souvenirs - and when I came out of the store with keychain in hand - my school class had gone.

They can’t have gone far - surely?!

But they had.

I searched for them - and found no-one - they had left me.

At twelve years old - I was stood alone - in a foreign country - up the Eiffel Tower!

I started to panic.

I found the stairs - no exit.

I panicked more.

I found the elevator - along with a sea of other people waiting - but not my class.

My heart was beating fast.

I now had to wait - would my ‘friends’ still be waiting for me when I finally get to the bottom?

And to top it off - I had a fear of elevators!!

When I finally reached the bottom - I stood directly underneath the ginormous tower - looking around at where I should be heading

I should have listened to the teachers - when they informed us of where the bus would be parked.

But of course - I didn’t think I’d need to know - I didn’t expect my friends - or my whole class for that matter - to leave me.

Somehow, though - I followed my nose - and found the bus.

I sat in my seat - now surrounded by my friends.

“Where did you go?” - they asked

I burst into tears!

Where the heck did they go??

I had nightmares for years after that.

But - I wasn’t letting that stop me from going up the tower again.

This time - I had my hubby with me - and I knew he wouldn’t let me go.

And he didn’t 

And I love it!

The tower is HUGE - but despite only growing a couple of inches in the last twenty years - it seemed smaller than I remember.

And definitely less daunting.

I LOVED this experience - despite having this fear for years.

LookBook_Justina 005.jpg

My hubby helped me through my nightmare - which has now been replaced by a beautiful memory.

We ‘visited’ this amazing monument - THREE times - it truly is mesmerizing!

You, too - can face your fears - and I can help you.

Loving your body can be just as daunting.

Stripping down to your undies can seem like a nightmare - especially in front of a stranger.

But I like to think of myself as a friend - who will hold your hand through this beautiful - and fun - experience.

Well - I won’t actually hold your hand (unless you want me to) - that might get a little weird!

But I will most definitely talk you through every step - every smile - every pose.

It is a big step to take - to face your fears - stepping out of your comfort zone - but believe me - it is totally worth it 

Don’t believe me?

Have a read of this - Getting MY beauty on!

Are you still on the fence?

Let’s chat about it.

Let’s grab a cup of tea - like ‘old friends’ - and discuss what is holding you back.

But more importantly - why might you WANT to do it - 

And face your fears??!

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with LOVE and a smile - Emma

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