Dress IMPECCABLY and they remember the Woman!

Engagement Shoot - what should you wear??

Dress to impress in your Engagement Shoot!

I've never been one to ask my girl-friends "what are you wearing for so-and-so?" - I like to pride myself on being different.

Actually, sometimes I would ask - just so I knew what NOT to wear - we don't all need to be wearing a little black dress (or whatever the IN-THING is at the time) 

I do LOVE fashion - but I'm usually wearing 'whatever' when its out of fashion!!

And now that I've had years of practice (and girls' nights out) - I feel that I am pretty good at knowing outfit situations...

What will I be expected to wear??

Ok…I will wear the complete opposite - for the most part!

But yesterday felt different...

Bridal Showers are not a thing in England - so I was 'blind' to THIS situation.

Is it like high-tea? Should I wear a dress?

Is it a casual get-together? Will jeans suffice?

So I asked...

"Wear whatever you like - anything except black or white!"

Well, that's easy - I usually only wear colour anyway - 

But of course - the day I'm not ALLOWED to wear those colours - is the day that I am feeling like wearing either one of those colours!

But I didn't!

The skinny jeans were pulled on - paired with a floaty sage green top and a chunky necklace - and lots of bracelets!

I really wanted to wear a dress - but I wanted to wear the chunky necklace more!

Anyway - the DRESS memo clearly didn't reach me - I had yet again - but unknowingly - managed to be different to everyone else!

However - this time- I didn't like it!

I was grateful (and cheered) when someone else walked in wearing jeans.

It actually turned out to be a good split between dresses and jeans - but I still felt out of place - and totally under-dressed - even with a champagne in my hand (and a cupcake in the other)!!

And that brings me on to the ACTUAL point of my story...

I used to say - wear something you would wear for date night -So - what should you wear to your engagement shoot??

Or simply - wear something that you feel like YOU in - but something you feel nice in too.

But having met many couples and done lots of shoots - I have come to learn that everyone's interpretation of 'date-night' attire is different.

Sweat-pants and runners are just not acceptable - not even close! 

And you think I am joking - but it has happened...

It would make me cringe!

But I blame myself - not you!

Now - I'm really not saying that your man needs to dust off his best suit and put on a tie - 

Although - to be honest - that would be pretty AMAZING - and totally worth it

Anyway, it made me realize that some of you need to be educated on this situation - I need be more SPECIFIC!!

This is your first (and hopefully - only) engagement shoot - possibly your first shoot ever.

I want to help you - to help me - to help you!!

I want your pictures to be the absolute best they can be - as much - if not more - than you do!

So here's me getting specific - and down to the nitty-gritty!

For you lovely ladies...

  • Jeans - skinny or bootleg (bootleg with heels)
  • Leggings (not yoga pants)
  • A dress - maxi or short
  • A blouse or top (no tee-shirts)
  • Pair any of the above with - heels / boots / flats / sandals (no runners)
  • Add a jacket - fur / leather / shawl / pea-coat (no ski-jackets or big and bulky winter coats - if it's winter - add a pretty hat and scarf for warmth)
  • Accessorize - jewellery / hats / scarves
  • No white socks - and bring extra tights in case you get a tear!

For the love of your life...

  • Jeans
  • Tailored shorts
  • Dress pants
  • A suit - with or without a tie
  • A dress shirt - with or without a tie - maybe add a vest or suspenders!!
  • A tee-shirt (no big distracting logos or tatty holes)
  • Pair any of the above with - sneakers / dress shoes / dress boots (no runners or work boots)
  • Add a jacket - blazer / top coat / mid length trench coat (no no ski-jackets, work jackets or big and bulky winter coats - if it's winter - add a pretty hat and scarf for warmth)
  • No white socks

Gather a few options - just in case you get to the day of your engagement shoot and you no longer want to wear that -

Or you may want to wear both - we can do outfit changes - if you like - and are struggling to decide on which outfit to wear

Layers are also a good idea - we can do some shots with the jacket - without the jacket - with the tie / scarf / necklace - and without.

Options are good!

Once you've decided what you may wear for your engagement shoot - we have to consider something else - do you coordinate with each other?

Think about colours, tones and patterns that compliment each other - without looking too matchy-matchy!

Mr fiancé may decide to wear a plaid shirt (blue, white and black) - so you could wear a red dress (actually - most colours would compliment his colours) - but not a dress with red flowers (for example) - too many patterns will distract from the two of you)

If you decide to wear an evening gown - he may want to think about wearing his suit! 

But if he wants to wear his shorts and a shirt - you may have to think about toning it down a little and wearing a summer dress instead.

Whatever you decide to wear (that coordinates with one another) - make sure it fits.

If you will be constantly pulling on your top because it's too short - find a longer one!

If you are going to wear a strapless top or dress but you are too conscious of your upper arms - consider a cute little jacket - or dress/top with capped sleeves or 3/4 sleeves.

Same goes for pants - if they are falling down!! - wear a belt - or better yet - go shopping - you obviously need new ones!! (any excuse, right?!)

If your clothes fit perfectly - you will feel perfect - and if they don't - well, you get the picture!

When you feel your absolute best - you will BE your absolute best - and the pictures will be stunning!!

And the moral of the story -  it is better to OVER-dress than under-dress!!

"Dress Shabbily and they remember the dress - dress impeccably and they remember the woman!" - Coco Chanel

Ready to put on your Sunday best?? - and totally rock your engagement shoot!!

And I would love to hear from you too...

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with LOVE and a smile - Emma

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