Still deciding on ENGAGEMENT Pictures ?

Why are Engagement Pictures such a good idea? 

Most of my lovelies are camera-shy - avoid being the centre of attention - and therefore have probably never had a professional shoot done before.

So - with that in mind - do you really want your wedding day to be the first time that you experience a ‘paparazzi’ ? - that you experience a professional photo shoot.

Especially when you will already have a million and one things to think about

- has the wedding planner executed my vision in the dining hall?

- will everyone be on time?

- will I be on time?

- has the best-man remembered our rings?

Engagement Pictures are designed to eliminate the fear of a photo shoot - of being in front of the camera - before your big day.

Feel what it’s like to work with a Photographer - and get the nerves and awkwardness out of the way

Get comfortable with your Photographer - and get comfortable being photographed.

The photographer will also want to know how the two of you interact with each other - what your quirks are - and your individual personalities.

Have fun as a couple ( as well as with your Photographer ) - treat your shoot like a date rather than a photoshoot - and relax.

As a photographer - I like to have a ‘ninja / sneaky-beaky’ approach to a shoot - I’ll hide in bushes - and stay unnoticed - to capture those ‘natural’ shots - those ‘unique to you’ moments - because you are being yourselves.

Establishing a relationship - building rapport - with YOUR photographer - will make such a difference in the outcome of your wedding images - because you will be comfortable and relaxed.

Instead of ‘a stranger’ turning up to your wedding - to photograph your day - you will have taken the time to get to know them - and know how you work together as a team.

Plan to do your engagement pictures way ahead of your wedding - before your wedding planning really starts - or it will seem like one more thing to do - and little time to do it.

It should be a playful and relaxing occasion - it’s a CELEBRATION!

It’s a tiny slice compared to your life - but such a HUGE moment!

You found him ♥

You fell in love with each other

He asked you to commit for the rest of your Life

And you said Yes!

So Celebrate!

Celebrate with your Photographer - and let them show you how you look in the pictures - in your engagement pictures ( since you’ve never had professional pics before )

And even better - incorporate your hair and makeup trial.

As you should with the photographer - choose a stylist that will be with you on your wedding day ( need recommendations? Find some here - For the love of Beauty!  )

Once you get to look through your engagement pictures - and smile at your beautiful moments - your celebration - and your perfectly put together hair and make up - communicate your likes and dislikes.

Tell your Photographer which pics are your absolute favorites - and also the ones you are not as keen on - and why?!

Tell your Stylist what you loved - and what you’d like to change.

It’s best to air these concerns now - rather than being potentially disappointed on your big day.

So, you’ve decided to do it?

But where??

You could choose a location that is special to you - that has meaning.

- where you met.

- where you had your first date.

- where he proposed ( or perhaps this is the proposal shoot! )

It can be anywhere - a park - a pub - a corner cafe - the library - school - or even in the middle of nowhere on the hood of your car!

Or perhaps you just want somewhere random - to make a new special place.

And maybe even the spot you are considering for wedding pictures - so you can see how that photographs too.

You will find plenty of options to here - Locations, Locations, Locations!

Photo time on your wedding day will now be more exciting - rather than being nervous and dreading it.

You had fun with your engagement pictures - and now you are ready for round two!!

Now - What do I do with these images?

Well - nothing if you don’t want to - although, that would be a shame - since you will have such beautiful images.

But honestly - there is plenty of value in doing engagement pictures - merely as an experience - a practice run for the most important - and best day of your life.

However, they would make the perfect...

  • Guest Book / Keepsake
  • Canvas Print
  • Photo Display ( for your guests to see as they enter the reception )
  • Wedding Favors
  • Labels for the wine bottles ( that you will be serving to guests - or even at house parties.)
  • Gifts for your parents / grandparents ( because they probably still have your school pic displayed - I know my mom does! I keep meaning to replace it - because she hasn’t! )
  • Save the Date
  • Newspaper Announcements
  • Invitations

All bonus ideas - and perfectly good reasons to get your engagement pictures done.

Get dressed up (Dress IMPECCABLY) - and book with the Photographer - and Stylist - you just have to have!

“Photos are a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone.” - author unknown

Ready to rock your engagement shoot?

There's lots of wedding photography options available, all of which can be custom made just for you - check out my packages and pricing here.

with LOVE and a smile - Emma

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