Disconnect from your Distractions

Disconnect from your Distractions!

I challenge you to disconnect from your distractions!

As you can probably tell by the influx of sneaky peaks over onFacebook

I’m back!!

Have you missed me?

Seriously though - have you?

Have you noticed that I have been M.I.A?

That you have received ZERO emails in the last two weeks?

That there has been a lack of Facebook posts?

A tiny part of me felt like I was abandoning my lovelies - that I had temporarily abandoned my business

Maybe I had - and in that sense - the last two weeks seemed like a very long time - like I’d been away for several weeks - not just two

Yet - my vacation was not long enough - at all!

(we do the dipping kiss on every vacation - the last dip being on Brooklyn Bridge, NYC - and the next - hopefully the Grand Canyon or the Leaning Tower of Pisa)

I had planned to blog - and post - and stay present while I was away.

But truth is - I enjoyed being off the grid.

I actually LOVED being disconnected.

I loved that I wasn’t constantly attached to my phone.

It came out of my pocket for selfies - and quick snap shots of the Eiffel Tower - Notre Dame - and the Louvre - and giant macaroons - 

And videos for my travel vlog - 

And a brief look through my emails back at my hotel room - 


Not a million times - as I find myself doing when in my day to day routine.

(Notre Dame and Pont Au Double - where Audrey Hepburn indulged in an ice cream in Charade - I am just missing my Cary Grant)

Even when I’m at home though - I try so hard to only look at my phone a number of times per day - instead of every five minutes - or every time my phone chimes!

In fact - my phone often goes on silent.

That way - I can be present with my task at hand - and not be distracted by messages - and irrelevant Facebook posts.

I have even created auto-responses now - so that I can continue with what I am doing - knowing that a message has been sent in response - informing the recipient that I will be getting back to them shortly - now allowing me to respond at my own scheduled response / follow up time.

This worked perfectly while I was away in France - because I was only connected to wifi in my hotel room - and not only was it far too small to spend any time in - there was just far too much to do on the streets of Paris!

I was able to be present in the moment - take in the sites - the scenery - the glasses of champagne - 

And of course - the company!

I was way shooting a wedding - but I had plenty of time to ‘vacation’ with my hubby - and my mom, too.

(Hubby and I are waiting for 1940 - or 1920 - or the 1800s - just like Owen Wilson in Midnight in Paris)

Some (my hubby) would say that my camera is also a distraction.

I have to capture every moment - everything we do - everything we see - everyone we are with - 

Instead of ‘living’ that moment.


But - all of these moments we are experiencing - that we ARE living - are brief moments.

Moments - and memories - that I fear will be lost - if I don’t capture them - and save them!

These photographs - captured memories - are for me - for us - to re-live - again and again - 

And share with others - if we wish.

(this is the original Chanel building - 31 Rue Cambon - and at the top of these stairs - Coco used to live and also host her Fashion Shows)

In an ideal world - I would have a photographer follow us around - and then I don’t have to think about it - so I can truly LIVE the moments - and hubby wouldn’t have to carry the tripod around - and roll his eyes at the hundredth image of the day (and we’re only on day one)

But we are back home now - and he is already ‘pestering’ me to see the pictures - and he’s already put one of them as his Facebook profile picture.

So as much as he insists on rolling his eyes at every pose - and picture - he loves looking back at them.

He loves putting himself back at the cute little corner cafe - overlooking the River Seine - and remembering the sound of the heavy rain - pounding the sidewalk.

A memory that may otherwise be forgotten - until he sees the puddles - and the sea of umbrellas around us.

Or the time we a helped a local woman in her garden - and conversed in French - because she spoke little English.

It’s usually the little memories that are forgotten - abandoned over time - even our daily lives are moments we should think more about.

We take these little things - little moments - for granted.

Why is it so easy for us to disconnect from our ‘reality’ when we are in another country - but we struggle to ‘be present’ at home?

We are missing out on moments - that are happening right in front of us - day in - day out - because we are too distracted.

(Alexander III Bridge - where Owen Wilson walked at the end of Midnight in Paris - and where we sat to enjoy a glass of Champagne - and my favourite of all the River Seine bridges)

So I challenge you again - to disconnect from your distractions - and become more present with the important things.

And that guest at your wedding - taking hundreds of pictures at your ceremony - because they want to capture the love of their good friends - 

Are they too being distracted?

Instead of living that moment as it happens.

Would you prefer them to truly live - and experience - that moment?

Instead of being distracted by taking pictures -

Or ‘quickly’ responding to the messages that happen to pop up -

Or by ‘checking-in’ on Facebook.

We don’t mean to be distracted - but reality is - we all are!

(Angelina - Coco Chanel and Audrey Hepburn often frequented this chic little tea room - so, of course - so did we - BEST hot chocolate ever! PS. That's my mommy!)

Did you know that an UNPLUGGED wedding is a thing now - and could be the answer.

Next week - let’s discuss it!

I am a big fan of the idea - as a photographer - because I have had picture-taking guests get in the way - and I’ve looked back at pictures of guests - too busy looking at their cameras - too distracted - missing the vows - and the love.

But I have also been that guest - who wants to take tons of pics - 

And I’ve been that bride - who wants everyone to post their pics of my big day - because I am just too excited!

“I owned every second that this world could give - I saw so many places, the things that I did - with every broken bone, I swear I LIVED” - One Republic

Stay tuned - for UNPLUGGED weddings!

There's lots of wedding photography options available, all of which can be custom made just for you - check out my packages and pricing here.

with LOVE and a smile - Emma

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