Destination Wedding Photographer Vs Local Resort Photographer

Is it a good idea to pay for a Destination Wedding Photographer to fly out to your wedding? Or - use the local/resort Photographer?

For those of you waiting for my 'Planning a Destination Wedding' blog - it is coming - I promise. 

There's just a slight delay. 

Last week, I helped you plan a wedding. 

This week, I was going to give you tips on planning a destination wedding. 

Since I am leaving soon to shoot a destination wedding - and haven't actually planned one myself - I decided that I would 'interview' the bride when we go over the final details of her big day. 

I will ask her all about her experience of planning a wedding with so many miles between!! - and then share it with you!

But - I still need to share something with you now. 

I stuck to my journaling plan - and headed out to Timmy's - still having no clue as to what I would write instead. 

When I got my journal out of my bag - and placed it on the table - and then went fishing for my pen - I discovered that I didn't actually have one...

It's happened before - that's why I always carry my iPad with me too - I much prefer putting pen to paper - but typing it from my head is better than being stuck with nothing. 

Guess where my iPad was - on charge - at home!!

It was like I was being told - "You should have just written your Destination Blog"

But I will not let anything get in my way!!

Today was the day I was meant to write my blog - so I will. 

Actually - I should make time to journal everyday - it's supposed to reduce the chance of writers' block.

It might be time to actually pay attention to that!

So - what am I going to share with you today?

Well - since my vacation / work trip is coming up SUPER soon (can you tell I'm excited) - and I kind of promised Destination Wedding Planning - how about this...

Local/Resort Photographer - v's - Destination Wedding Photographer (from your home town/city)

Why is it a good idea to fly a Photographer to your destination wedding - rather than hiring the Photographer already there?

I will go through the pro's and con's of both - and here are a few questions to consider - when deciding which way to go...

Who's work do you LOVE the best? 

No matter who you choose - you are going to be spending a pretty penny - quite a lot of pennies actually - so make sure the style is EXACTLY what you want to look at for the next lot of years!

View the work of several photographers - including local/resort photographers and destination wedding photographer from your home town. 

Who do you get on with the most? 

Location doesn't matter - choose a photographer based on who you gel with the most. 

You are going to be spending the whole day with your photographer - so it's important you like each other and get on well - also because the more you feel comfortable with someone - the more likely you will be relaxed - and your images will look more authentic. 

Does the photographer know the area? 

If not, is there time before the wedding to scout out locations?

Usually - when covering even a local wedding - I will always scout out locations with the bride and groom - even if I know the area - so that we can discuss ideas for the shoot - together. 

Is communication an issue?

Does the photographer speak a language you understand? - you need to be able to understand what you are getting in your package - as much as the photographer needs to understand what you are expecting - and what you want.

What does the package include? 

A local/resort photographer may appear to be cheaper than flying a photographer with you - but what are you getting? 

You will find that (depending on the resort/location) you will probably receive just a few hours of coverage on the wedding day and then a few prints - unless you pay extra, of course, to receive more - so watch out for hidden charges. 

Compared to my package, for example - you would receive unlimited coverage throughout the week (so not just the wedding day) and unlimited digital images - plus travel and accommodation - but NO hidden charges 

How will you receive your images after the day? 

Will you get physical prints or digital images on a disc/USB - or will you get both? 

Do you want an album too?

Are you able to contact the photographer whenever you need to - before and after your wedding? 

Are you going to be able to get to know them enough before the wedding - even if it is via Skype instead of in-person consultations. 

Are you going to be able to get hold of them - and they get hold of you - within an appropriate time frame - if you need an update on when to expect to receive the images?

What is shipping like from that location?

Should you expect to pay extra for shipping - or even customs charges?

How long does shipping take? Is it reliable?

Are you protected - legally?

If something was to go wrong - and you don't receive the service outlined in your contract - can you take action against your photographer?

Usually - in foreign destinations - there's no penalty for photographers if they ignore the contract. 

You are protected with the destination wedding photographer from home - and because of that - the photographers are more likely to do a great job - and do exactly as they should!! - because no one wants to go to court - right?!

There’s no right or wrong answer !

It is your choice - based on your wishes - and priorities.

So - if you are a little short on cash - or you are wanting to save money - the resort photographer is probably the way you would choose to go.

But if quality and personality is a must for you - you are probably more than likely willing to fly your favourite photographer with you!

“It doesn’t matter where you are going . . . it’s who you have beside you!”

“And I think to myself . . . what a WONDERFUL world!”

For help on Destination Wedding Planning - stay tuned - as that will be making an appearance VERY soon!

If you do decide to shop around locally for Photographers - I would LOVE to be considered - please have a look at my portfolio and the PARADISE Package - and let me know if you have any questions!

with LOVE and a smile - Emma

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