Try BEFORE You Buy!!

Have you ever been in the perfume store - spritzing and spraying all these different scents - and before you know it - they’ve all blended together - and you still don’t know what you want?!

You walk out empty handed - overwhelmed by the amount of choice - forgetting what the first perfume had to offer - and which one you were drawn to the most!

But, then - every now and again - you get stores handing out samples!

A sigh of relief!

Now you get to go home - spritz away for a good couple of weeks - and decide if that scent is for you - or not.

And if you ARE in love with it - you go back - and purchase the largest bottle they have

Try before you buy!

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Try BEFORE You Buy!!

Let’s do the ‘try before you buy’ thing!

It’s been a pretty wet summer - so far - but we’ve still had quite a few stinking HOT days!

Days I’d like to call ‘ice-cream' days - where salads and exercise go out of the window (well - sometimes, I WALK to get the ice cream) - and we indulge in a sweet, refreshing treat instead.

And the best thing about going for ice cream cones - is the sampling of every.single.flavour - just to make sure we pick the perfect one (or two) - before committing to an entire scoop!

You may not be able to make up your mind - but as soon as you taste THE one - you just KNOW!

Try before you buy!

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A Wedding Gift (or two) from the Guests!

Dear Guests,

Brides - stay tuned - there’s something for you too.

When you receive a wedding invitation in the mail from a dear friend (or relative) - and there’s no gift registry - your head falls into your hands...

doesn’t it?

What on earth am I going to buy as a wedding gift?!

Keep calm - I have the answers!

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Wedding Party gifts to say THANK YOU!

You’ve said your ‘I LOVE YOUs’ with a gift to each other.

Now it’s time to say your ‘Thank Yous’ - to your Bridesmaids and Groomsmen - with wedding party gifts.

The wedding party gifts can be a small gesture of appreciation - or a HUGE thank you - whatever your budget.

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Here is an AWESOME list - to help you find the perfect GIFT!!

At 33 years young (and six days - already!!!), I was expecting to go out for a few drinks with my friends - shopping with hubby - and a ‘family’ dinner with our Canadian family.


I wasn’t expecting prezzies!

Well, maybe from my hubby, hehe!

But not from my friends - my ‘family’ - or even my mommy (because I have told her several times that she really doesn’t have to - but she wants to - and I can’t say no to that).

I have received such beautiful gifts this year - my antique tea set is now complete - I have brand new (bright white) converse - and plenty of nail polish colours to get me through the seasons!

Thank you so much - I LOVE them all!

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Still deciding on ENGAGEMENT Pictures ?

Why are Engagement Pictures such a good idea? 

Most of my lovelies are camera-shy - avoid being the centre of attention - and therefore have probably never had a professional shoot done before.

So - with that in mind - do you really want your wedding day to be the first time that you experience a ‘paparazzi’ ? - that you experience a professional photo shoot.

Especially when you will already have a million and one things to think about

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What is an UNPLUGGED wedding?

What is an UNPLUGGED wedding?

What is an unplugged wedding??

Have you heard of “Uncle Bob”?

Or as my hubby likes to call them - Mosquitos - because they just love to buzz around - and get in the way.

They are the [guest] unpaid ‘photographers’ at every wedding!!

The relative with the fancy camera - hovering over my shoulder - to get every shot.

Or even worse - gets in the shot - as they go for an alternative angle.

Luckily for me - it has only happened a handful of times - but believe me - a handful too many!

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Destination Wedding Photographer Vs Local Resort Photographer

Is it a good idea to pay for a Destination Wedding Photographer to fly out to your wedding? Or - use the local/resort Photographer?

For those of you waiting for my 'Planning a Destination Wedding' blog - it is coming - I promise. 

There's just a slight delay. 

Last week, I helped you plan a wedding. 

This week, I was going to give you tips on planning a destination wedding. 

Since I am leaving soon to shoot a destination wedding - and haven't actually planned one myself - I decided that I would 'interview' the bride when we go over the final details of her big day. 

I will ask her all about her experience of planning a wedding with so many miles between!! - and then share it with you!

But - I still need to share something with you now. 

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