Now & Forever Photo Studio OPEN HOUSE

Six months ago - we moved into our very own studio in Spruce Grove. 

But we needed another excuse to party (hehe)

So we moved!!

We are now in a much bigger space on Main Street in Stony Plain. time!! Again!

And this time - it's going to be a big deal!

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Marlin Travel - Ellen

Travel is a huge part of my life - and although I have visited many different places around the world - I feel that I have barely scratched the surface!

I always love returning home to my beautiful 'little world' and my loving husband

But because I love to travel - and I love lists - my plans for my next trip begin immediately.

Hubby says I'm a Galavanter!!

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Photography Pricing

There's slim (to none) chance that I'm going to win the lottery

Well - because I don't play

But I can still dream

And if I did become a millionaire - I would gift so many of my lovelies

But truth is (shhhh - don't tell everyone)

I'm not rich.

I'm not a millionaire.

I - like everyone else - have bills to pay

I have a mortgage - and power bills - and insurance - and I guess I need to eat too - blah blah blah

But guess what?!

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Pet Portraits

The studio doesn't officially open until January.

But since we were lucky enough to get the keys a week early - we decided to knuckle down with the painting - and work on this fun and festive pet portraits project!

We are above a dog groomers (The Groom Room) - so why the heck not?!

So here were are...

In a pretty place - full of furry friends with Santa hats and winter mitts!

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Me!! A boudoir and wedding Photographer

Pretty as a picture Photography is celebrating 5 years in business! 

How time flies when you're having fun! 

I've had the pleasure of working with some of you already

and some of you have become my fabulous friends

but some of you are only just joining my journey

So I thought it would be a good idea to say HELLO

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You lovelies are totally WONDERFUL!

I am so overwhelmed by all the surveys and reviews that have come through lately! It truly is amazing! Thank you!

It's a fun game! I keep trying to guess who's said what!!

If you are a busy bee like me and still haven't had the chance to fill out the survey or write a review... you still can!

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Dreams Take Flight 

As soon as it was confirmed that I had been accepted on to the Dreams Take Flight team - as one of their Photographers for Disneyland - I hunted high and low for my Donald Duck.

Donald Duck has always been my favourite - and I think it’s because I could mimic his voice (or at least I thought I could) - but I  tried before I arrived at Disney and I can no longer do it . . . I just sound like a dying duck instead!

It was at exactly the same time that we had moved - so I was going through every box anyway - but I could not find my Donald Duck!

I did however find a letter from my little friend - thanking us for her treasure chest and Donald Duck - so clearly I thought she needed it more than me!

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Disconnect from your Distractions

As you can probably tell by the influx of sneaky peaks over onFacebook

I’m back!!

Have you missed me?

Seriously though - have you?

Have you noticed that I have been M.I.A?

That you have received ZERO emails in the last two weeks?

That there has been a lack of Facebook posts?

A tiny part of me felt like I was abandoning my lovelies - that I had temporarily abandoned my business

Maybe I had - and in that sense - the last two weeks seemed like a very long time - like I’d been away for several weeks - not just two

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Sweet as HONEY

Moving across the pond to a whole new world was such an exciting time for my hubby and I - but oh so daunting!

We were leaving our family and friends.

- Our careers which we thought we would hold on to forever.

- Our cute little English cottage.

We were starting again in a ‘foreign country’ where they speak the same language - but have no idea what a Courgette is!!

Despite the slight communication barrier, these ‘foreigners’ were friendly - we soon found friends - ‘family’ in fact!

I miss my family dearly, and my friends - from our ‘previous life’ - but that distance is made easier knowing that we have amazing people here too.

One of those amazing friends wears ‘rose tinted spectacles’ too - just like me.

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