5 Boudoir Preparation Tips - The Day of Your Session!

Your boudoir session has been booked and is fast approaching - eeeek!

You are a little nervous (understandable) - but super excited!

The day is coming where you get to have YOU time!!

You get to sit in our beauty chair and get pampered by our hair&makeup expert - while listening to my awesome random tunes

Or your own playlist - if you'd rather not go from Eminem straight into quirky French!

You get to chat with us

Or sit in silence if you need the alone relaxation time - we know how that feels

You get to put on your brand new lingerie and heels - and feel absolutely fabulous!

Boudoir Photography Stony Plain 010.jpg

But before you enter our beautiful studio to be beautified - there's a few things we need you to do.

There are things you will need to do a week or so leading up to your boudoir session - but these 5 boudoir preparation tips are for the day of your boudoir session.

These boudoir preparation tips are designed to help your session run as smoothly as possible!


Cleanse, tone and moisturize!

And DO NOT arrive with makeup! You are paying for an expert to do you makeup today - so even if you usually wear makeup - use that extra half hour to catch up on some beauty sleep instead. 


Especially if you are wearing black - or fabric that deodorant loves stick to! We want to be able to make any pose possible without having to think about hiding deodorant marks!

Boudoir Photography Stony Plain 020.jpg


Try to avoid JEANS, SOCKS and any other tight-fitting shirt. This will ensure that you have no red marks on your skin. There may not be time for the marks to disappear during your session. Sweatpants, a shirt and flip-flops are welcome in our studio - we don't judge!!


Let the girls go free for an hour or so! Bras tend to leave red marks on our skin too.

5. EAT!

Eat something light but filling. We greet you with champagne - we don't want it going straight to your head!!

And you will be with us for a good three hours.

But also - you need your energy for the adventurous poses we get you to do, hehe! It really is a workout!

Boudoir Photography Stony Plain 003.jpg

FLAWSOME...an individual who embraces her 'flaws' and knows they're awesome regardless!

There's lots of boudoir photography options available, all of which can be custom made just for you - check out my packages and pricing here.

with LOVE and a smile - Emma

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