Getting MY beauty on!

Butterflies were racing around my tummy.

Goosebumps covered my body even though the heating was cranked up.

The photographer was (is) a friend of mine - and I was excited - but yet, I felt so nervous.

Why was I so nervous?

It's not like I didn't know what to expect.

This time two years ago, after much thought, I decided to get half naked in front of the camera - I put myself in your shoes and did a boudoir shoot - for me - and for you - okay, and for hubby!

Em 357.jpg

So often, my clients would express how excited they were for their upcoming boudoir shoot - but most of all, how nerves overwhelmed them!

"Don't be nervous" I would say!

But really, how could I actually say that, genuinely?!

As much as I knew that their shoot would be fun and relaxing, I had never been in their position and done a boudoir shoot myself.

They were about to 'bare all' (or some) in front of someone they had only just met - exposing themselves - being the focus and the whole point of this get-together - wearing very little, if not their birthday suit.

Of course they were nervous!

How could I be more empathetic?

And that was the answer - experience it for myself - put myself in their heels!

I actually thought it would have been a little easier for me - I knew what to expect - and I was in the company of a friend.

I was wrong - none of those things mattered in that moment - I was about to strip down and prance around in front of the camera - it was nerve-wrecking!

But why?

I am confident in my own skin.

I knew that my friend wouldn't be judging me.

I had 'paraded' around a beach in much less.

The obvious 'answers' - what I thought should be the answers - were not the answers - so what was the answer?

Why was I so nervous??

It is my job to pose women in flattering ways - to look through the lens or at a situation and know what works - for that person.

How on earth do I do that when I am the one in front of the camera - trying to be flattering?!

I can't - I have to TRUST the one behind the camera

- trust that they are going to see the stray hair across my face, and correct it

- trust that they are able to hide the inevitable folds and creases on our body

- trust they will say, if needed, "you know, that pose is not actually working - let's try something else".

We are putting our 'lives' in someone else's hands - an expert - we are out of control for that moment - and that, honestly, can be quite a scary thought.

BUT, within seconds of throwing my clothes on the floor (and getting into my pose), I relaxed! 

WOW! I felt AMAZING! It was so invigorating - I experienced a whole new level of confidence - and it was so. much. FUN!

Suddenly, I felt myself enjoying the experience - realizing that it wasn't just about the images I would get to see at the end - truth was, I didn't want this wonderful afternoon to be over!

I felt beautiful in that moment - and that was enough!

So, after all that - hubby got some nice boudoir pictures of his wifey - I got an amazing boudoir experience that I will treasure forever and definitely do again, one day - and you now get a genuine response from me, when you tell me how nervous you are for your boudoir session!

Let's just take those nerves - and roll with them - and trust me - by the end of your boudoir session, you will posing like a Victoria Secret's model and wondering where that hour went...

…time flies when you are having fun!

“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself” - Coco Chanel

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with LOVE and a smile - Emma

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