For the LOVE of BEAUTY!

Rewind back to my last blog - little or no make-up (on camera) will not look like you - and on your wedding day, I'm sure you want to look your absolute amazing self - to magnify the beauty that already exists!

Many make-up applications ago, when there were, in fact, no applications at all - professional or otherwise - my wedding day vision did not include a make-up artist. I had no interest (as you know) in wearing that 'muck'.

But, my wedding day came around and I decided on a little make-up for pictures - and I am so glad that I did - my hubby loved it and so did I.

Five and a half years ago, I married my best friend - our day was perfect - I wouldn't change a thing!

Well, just one thing - my make-up. This artist did a great job, but I look back at our photos and it was just too natural - barely there.

And if I remember correctly, I was told at the time, but of course, I knew best and knew what I wanted!

I should have listened to the experts - a little heavier with the 'muck' - and LASHES! I should have worn lashes!!

So, here's a little advice from one bride to another - find an expert - and listen to her!

And on that note, let me introduce you to a few experts who I have had the pleasure of working with.

Added bonus - some of these lovelies do hair too...

Jess Kollesavich | Clean Slate Makeup and Beauty

Clean Slate Make up and Beauty began just over two years ago - after having her daughter and being at home, Jess decided to pursue her long time passion and get her creative juices flowing yet again. She has always dabbled in the ‘art’ - helping friends out at weddings and grads - but after leaving her full time job to care for her daughter, she needed something fulfilling - she became a hair stylist and makeup artist!

Jess has always been creative. Before makeup school, Jess graduated from design school -and she thinks of makeup as another form of art - and it's very rewarding. To see a brides face when she sees herself - the way she's always dreamed about - it is totally worth it in my books.

The best advice Jess would give to a bride - book a trial! It's one less thing off your mind - knowing exactly how your hair and makeup is going to look - and you don't have to scramble to have anything fixed - because all the kinks were fixed at the trial!

Photo Credit: Model - Emily Lindsey Fowler | Hair and Makeup - Clean Slate Makeup and Beauty | Photography - Pretty as a Picture Photography

Sheena Prasad | Glam Beautique

Sheena's passion for the fashion and beauty industry was apparent at a very early age. Since moving to Edmonton in 2010, she has loved everything about fashion and beauty and has since then made it her career - never looking back. 

Being in this industry for 6 years now, she's learnt that this passion came from realizing her talent to use make up as a tool to magnify the true inner beauty that already exists within. 

As a published hair and make up artist, she has had experience and success in various facets of the industry with photo-ready make up and hair design for events such as boudoir, weddings,  fashion shows, lifestyle shoots, editorials, as well as special effects. 

With her up-to-date knowledge and usage of various products, she loves to work with each person to personalize each look according to their personality and style - by enhancing their natural beauty - or to  create a more defined and dramatic look. 

It’s what she loves to do and she gets no greater satisfaction than knowing that someone has entrusted her and her creativity to bring their vision to life.

Oh - and she does gel nails too!!

Photo Credit: Model - Quinn Teechma | Hair and Makeup - Glam Beautique | Photography - Pretty as a Picture Photography

Kayla Zajes | Shine Makeup Artistry

After years of fascination with makeup and beauty, Kayla started her freelance makeup business in 2013 - Shine Makeup Artistry - a year later she went to school full time to become a hairstylist. 

Kayla has always loved doing makeup and wanted to do it on the side while she maintained her job in oil and gas - but after a year, her passion took over! 

Kayla originally went to hair school to expand on her makeup business and learn styling - and now hair is her full time job and something she thoroughly enjoys - even more than makeup - though she still loves both. 

Photo Credit: Model - Syreena Leanne | Hair and Makeup - Shine Makeup Artistry | Photography and Newspaper Dress- Pretty as a Picture Photography

Ashley Braim | Studio Glam

Ashley has been a hair stylist since 2010 after completing a Hair Design diploma at Marvel College. 

In the past year, she decided to branch out and offer makeup for clients too - weddings, graduations, photo shoots, boudoir - you name it! She does mostly mobile services but also offers appointments at her home studio location as well.

Since a young age Ashley has been about that “glam” life. 

She loved to experiment with her own hair and makeup for hours - and then ‘annoy’ her friends and family to practice on them. But this ‘obsession’ has brought her to where she is now! 

Ashley’s advice for brides would be to really know what kind of look you are after - a favourite tool to use for inspiration is Pinterest! She says she couldn’t live without it!

Photo Credit: Model - Deanna Johnson | Hair and Makeup - Studio Glam | Photography - Pretty as a Picture Photography

Jennifer Banda | JB Makeup Artistry

JB Makeup Artistry was created about two years ago to showcase Jennifer’s love for makeup and passion of making someone's beauty shine from the inside and out!

Jennifer started when a friend asked her to do their bridal makeup last minute (when her original makeup artist backed out the day before) - she knew (and trusted) that with Jennifer’s passion for beauty and makeup that she would make her look amazing on her big day! And it just blossomed from there! 

Jennifer offers a mobile service for makeup application only - and hopefully, one day in the future, she will offer hair too. 

Highlighting and contouring is Jennifer’s favourite aspect of makeup application - she enjoys working on every skintone and really likes to focus on the complexion to give you that flawless finish - and whether it’s very soft natural makeup or high fashion glam, she will give you the Hollywood treatment! 

Jennifer’s advice for a bride (or anyone having a special day they never want to forget) - skin is important - when it comes to makeup and your big day, it's important to prep weeks in advance. If you want to try something new, make sure you try months in advance in case of a negative reaction. Water is very important - keeping yourself hydrated will leave your skin glowing. Also - lots of rest - I know it's hard because it's a stressful time, but you will see the difference it makes in your pictures! 

Photo Credit: Model - Megan Julie | Hair and Makeup - JB Makeup Artistry | Photography - Pretty as a Picture Photography

And these are the behind-the-scenes lovelies that glam you up for your big day or boudoir shoot - or stylized shoots if you want to get a little creative!

There are plenty of options to choose from for your photography needs - check out my packages and prices here - but if you've already got that covered and merely in search of a stylist/makeup artist - get chatting with these lovely ladies!

"Beauty is being the best possible version of yourself - on the inside and out!" - author unknown

Stay tuned…

Coming up in my next blog - and stepping into your shoes - I get MY beauty on!!

There's lots of boudoir photography options available, all of which can be custom made just for you - check out my packages and pricing here.

with LOVE and a smile - Emma

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