Is A SMILE really the best make-up a girl can wear??!

Sans make-up...confidence or laziness??

My hubby jokingly called me lazy, when I decided to go without make-up this one particular day - 

I know he was only joking, because he fell in love with me (lucky me) when my make-up drawer was still pretty much empty!

But, it did get me thinking...

Was I being lazy? Or was I merely accepting my natural beauty that day?

Some days, I treat my face as a blank canvas and create a little piece of art.

Other days, I leave the house without a drop of ‘paint’, because I don’t need to be picture perfect every single day - or so I thought, until earlier this week, when I unexpectedly had to renew my driver’s licence AND my picture!

Have you ever worn an outfit and feel like a million dollars - but then you wear it again for the hundreth time, and suddenly, it just isn’t working for you?? That’s how I feel about make-up -  sometimes I LOVE it - soemtimes it is just another accessory I choose to leave at home.

I do think I look better [and more awake] when I wear make-up, but I don’t think I look ‘bad’ without it either! 

Fot the longest time, I didn’t wear make-up, AT ALL! My mom never wore it (and still doesn’t).

She would say it was dirty and that I shouldn’t put that ‘muck’ on my I didn’t. 

As I became more aware of fashion and trends, the desire to experiment with make-up appeared too.

Not because I felt that I needed to, but because I liked the different looks that could be created. It is a form of art that I grew to admire.

But, I had gone ‘au natural’ for so long that I felt more confident without it - I had no idea what I was doing and feared that I would end up looking like a clown (or like it was the 80’s).

And I’d seen so many girls at school who looked orange and had an ‘oh so attractive’ line under their chin - I just wasn’t digging that look either! 

Over time, I began to experiment...a touch of mascara and a little bit of gloss. I gradually learned how to apply this ‘muck’ properly, and now, I can even contour (kind of).

Part of me felt silly for wanting to start wearing make-up - hearing my mom say, “you don’t need that muck” - you are right, mommy, I don’t, but sometimes, I just WANT to!

I’m not quite in Diva territory [yet] - although my hubby likes to say I am - I am hoping that is another one of his jokes!! I mean, Diva’s have to look their best to go pee, don’t they?? That seems like far too much effort!

Huh, maybe I am lazy!!

The reason I wanted to share this with you, is because make-up is not only a part of my everyday life now (well, sometimes) - it is a HUGE part of my working life too.

While I choose to , more often than not, go ‘sans make-up’ while working (I prefer my camera to go without it too!!) - my clients are ‘caked’ in it.

I say that in the nicest possible way - although I suddenly got a flash-back of the girls at school - trust me though, my stylists know what they’re doing!!

I use the term ‘caked on’ because it is more make-up than you are used to wearing. You are like the old me - rarely wear more than a lipgloss - you feel exposed and that you are not being your true self!

Believe me, you are just being an enhanced version of yourself.

It really is you!

Little or no make-up (on camera) will actually make you look . . . NOT you!

“Make-up is not a tool meant to make an ugly thing beautiful, it is meant to only magnify the beauty that already exists!” - author unknown

So…coming up in the next blog - meet my favourite 'behind the scenes'  girls - the ones that enhance the real you and add a little something to accompany that beautiful smile!

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with LOVE and a smile - Emma

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