Be Different - Have the Confidence to be you!

Women are like Cakes!! 

I am going to be well and truly honest with you right now - 

and tell you my weakness!

My weakness is 


Any cake!


I just LOVE Cake! 

So I'm sure you can imagine my delight when my mommy came to visit over the holidays - 

and brought Christmas Cake!! 

Fruit cake - topped with marzipan and icing. 

We even made two little snowmen for the top. 

And I cut off a tiny tiny piece of my Christmas tree

So the snowmen could have their own tree! 

It looked so pretty! 

But to me - and to most - all cakes look delightful. 

Even though they are all so very different. 

They all have their own unique look 

Their own unique taste

and different fillings. 


Women are like cakes! 

No - I haven't gone crazy 

(well - only a little) 

We are all different! 


Different hair - complexion - eyes - shape - size. 

Different personalities - and levels of confidence

But we are ALL beautiful - in our own unique way. 

Wouldn't it just be a little boring if there was only one flavour of cake on the menu?!

Wouldn't it be rather dull if we were all the same?!

"Don't be afraid of being different - be afraid of being the same as everyone else"

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with LOVE and a smile - Emma

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