Are You Ready for a Boudoir Session?

Don't do anything you're not ready for - and definitely don't do anything you're not comfortable with.

You may not be ready for a boudoir session yet.

But why?

Because you're too shy?

Because you don't want to get naked in front of a stranger?

Or you're not sexy enough?

Just so you know, though...

You are not too shy for boudoir.

You do not have to get naked.

You don't even have to wear 'sexy' undies if you don't want.

Boudoir is all about being you.

Being your own version of sexy.

Create your own intimate definition of beauty - in a way that you like.

And it is my job to not be a stranger.

To make you feel so comfortable that you feel good in your own skin.

You will feel sexy.

And that is - your own version of sexy - nobody else's

Stony Plain Boudoir Studio.jpeg

But "I'm too over weight!"

By who's standards?

Our studio welcomes women of all shapes and sizes.

We would go as far as to say that we specialize in 'plus size' women.

And why is that?

Because only 5% of our population is media's idea of 'thin and beautiful'

Therefore. The majority of our clients are curv-ilicious!!

We had a client recently come in for her boudoir session because she was celebrating her weight loss journey.

She is still on this journey - and isn't exactly where SHE wants to be in terms of weight and health.

But she recognized how far she had come already.

She's proud.

And wanted to celebrate who she is right now!

Stony Plain Boudoir Studio.jpeg
Stony Plain Boudoir Studio.jpeg
Stony Plain Boudoir Studio.jpeg

I think it is important that we celebrate ourselves everyday.

Celebrate who we are today.

Celebrate who we are tomorrow.

And I don't mean book in for a boudoir session everyday, hehe.

As much fun as that would be - and of course I'd love the visits.

A boudoir is a 'once in a lifetime' experience.

Well...yes and no!

You can book in as often as your heart desires.

And each time will be different.

You will find new things out about yourself.

New things to celebrate.

Experiencing 'once in a lifetime' again and again.

I'm approaching my 5th boudoir shoot

And this time - I'm ready to go naked!

"I'm not a one in a million kind of girl - I'm a once in a lifetime kind of woman" - Audrey Hepburn


There's lots of boudoir photography options available, all of which can be custom made just for you - check out my packages and pricing here.

with LOVE and a smile - Emma

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