A little help with self LOVE!!

It’s so important to fill your life with positive thoughts - and surround yourself with like-minded people

The world is full of negativity these days - and it’s enough to drag us down - but we have to rise above it!

I feel so lucky to have a life full of amazing people - family, friends and even new comers that have crossed my path - and stayed!

I am finding other entrepreneurs as well - who are sending out the same message as me - but using different methods and outlets…

I help women find their inner-beauty and confidence through boudoir photography

Ellen from Marlin Travel uplifts women by way of travel (read more of that blog here - https://www.prettyasapicture.ca/blog/marlin-travel-ellen)

And Holly from Leading Edge Performance Coaching listens and opens up the minds of women (and men) - and helps them find a new life balance and self love!

Leading Edge Performance Coaching


Holly is a life coach and has been for the past 12 months - as an entrepreneur - but has carried over 6 years of experience from her previous jobs.

She fell in love with helping other entrepreneurs who were stuck in a rut -

But she quickly realized that it was deeper than ‘business issues’ - it was self-doubt - it was personal.

She now helps everyone and anyone who needs help - who needs to be understood and heard - women and men!

As a coach - Holly helps people believe in themselves -

She helps them walk away from self-doubt and build up their self-esteem -

Holly empowers people - and teaches them about self love!

And how does she do that??

She listens!

She feels their pain for them

She opens up their minds - and offers perspectives so that they ultimately find the answer for themselves.

She helps them feel not alone!!

She helps them to enjoy life - because life is too short not too!

Selfishness has a negative stigma - but its actually okay to be ‘appropriately selfish’

It’s okay to need - and ask for - help!

It’s okay to be your own best friend.

Be your own best friend - instead of your own worst enemy!

How would you treat your best friend??

That is how you should treat yourself!!

Self LOVE is sooooo important…

"Build yourself up - and find your purpose!"

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with LOVE and a smile - Emma

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