Boudoir is for Everyone

I am a 'People Watcher'

While I was away in the Big Apple - I found myself People Watching

And it occurred to me that I hadn't done that in a very long time 

It was actually one of my favourite pass times

Watching people as they went about with their everyday lives

New York City was ripping at the seems with very interesting characters

All very different. 

Rise&Shine 001.jpg

I would watch as they strolled Central Park - alone - except for their 4 dogs

Or walking hand-in-hand with their loved one. 

Sitting on the subway - dressed in fishnets, knee pads and crocks. 

What was she wearing?!

Did she intend to dress so 'out there'? 

Did she think she looked good - was I about to see a trend of knee pads UNDER stockings? 

Did she care what she looked like? 

Did she even know? 

I sat on the subway - discretely watching this woman - as she seemed to have no care in the world. 

Not because she looked so ridiculous 

But because I admired her confidence to be herself. 

Perhaps she wasn't this confident woman at all

But that's what I wanted to see

Instead of a woman who dressed this way as protection 

Protection from other people. 

Because she had no social skills - no confidence to talk to anyone 

She was a recluse 

If she dressed this way - people would think she was crazy

And they'd avoid her

And she would succeed in avoiding conversation. 

At the end of the day, though 

No one knows what goes on behind closed doors

No one knows what we are thinking - 

What haunts our thoughts. 

Just because she chooses to live that way

Because she chooses to be different

Doesn't mean she's crazy - or maybe she is. 

If we were all the same - life would be a pretty dull place

People watching would be boring! 

For me - shooting boudoir is like people watching 

It's just more interactive. 

I get to know people's story

I get to know a little about each person

I get to see how each and every person is different

And I get to help these different people - embrace themselves - and have the confidence to stand out! 

Boudoir is for EVERYONE! 

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with LOVE and a smile - Emma

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