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 I love the comfort of my own home that is situated in the middle of nowhere.

I love venturing into the city for fashion and food (I mean dessert).

I love being outside in the fresh air - especially in the summer - but I'm quite fond of the snow too.

I love to read - and would much rather do that than watch TV. Although, I do love movies - especially mushy love stories.

I love my hubby – and our funny, adorable and oh so cheeky bunny, Bugsy.

I love tea - and cake!! In fact - sugar is my weakness - so any sweet treat will do just nicely. And I believe that dessert should be eaten first, before any meal!

I love boudoir on both sides of the camera. I'v actually done five boudoir sessions - it's a little addicting!

I love all shades of pink!


I am from West Yorkshire in England - but I live and work in Parkland County in Alberta, Canada.

I’ve been behind the lens since I was 7 - and my passion just continues to grow.

I am the 2019 SuPEARLative Award Winner for New Citizen: a woman from another country inspiring women in this country.



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The Pretty as a Picture Photography team is led by published and award-winning Stony Plain photographer, Emma Wood.

Together, we are passionate about bringing courage, confidence and authenticity to women so they can see their true beauty and find their self-love

We do that through the art of boudoir photography, branding photography and self-love advocacy.

With Emma behind the camera - and our super talented hair stylists and makeup artists in the beauty corner - we capture the real you with a hint of glamour!

We want you to see how absolutely beautiful you are. 

Our boudoir sessions are more than just a photo shoot.

It’s an all inclusive experience and a chance to discover WHO you are!

We want you to walk out of the studio doors feeling feminine, fabulous and extremely empowered

We want YOU to come to life in images that you will love forever.

Pretty as a Picture Photography was established in 2011.